On 16 October 2019, the Polish government introduced a new bill that equated sex education with paedophilia, as well as anti-contraception and anti-abortion, causing widespread discontent, and therefore took to the streets to protest.

Sex education gives us the opportunity to get to know ourbodies and the bodies of the opposite sex and learn to look at "sex" in a healthy and correct way. This is a very important thing for children in the growing stage. However, some people don't think so.

On October 16, 2019, the Polish government introduced a new bill, "Stop The Paedophilia Act", according to Deutsche Welle.

It equates "sex education" with "paedophile" and criminalizes "promoting underage sexual ity". Teachers face up to five years in prison if they break the law. In addition, the bill also requires Polish schools to promote "anti-contraception" and "anti-abortion".

"This bill will put young people at risk. It can have have satos."
"This bill will put young people at risk, and it could have disastrous consequences." 」
Amnesty International scholar Anna Blus

The Conservatives have criticised the development of sex education in Poland, which could lead to "sexualisation" of children.

The news of the bill caused public anger. Protesters gathered in the Polish capital Warsaw to oppose the bill in unison.

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Worryingly, the Conservatives who introduced the bill have a majority in the seats in parliament, so it is highly likely that the bill will pass.

Sex education, not to teach you to have sex, it's about teaching you sex.

From this Polish current events, many people still have a misunderstanding of sex education.

Sex education is not about teaching children and teenagers how to have sex, but about teaching them to face up to and objectively understand sex and the body.

If we don't do sex education, what negative impact might it have on our children?

  1. Falling into the "sex-for-sex" logic: boys prove their abilities with "sex", and girls keep their virginity and leave "precious first" to their married husbands.
  2. When exposed to sexual violence, dare not declare: sexual harassment or sexual assault, in turn feel that they are their own fault, their own dirty, and therefore dare not ask for help.
"Mom, you told me/Don't casually spread yourself/out in front of others/let people see the soft self / it's a shame." You said. / Until now I still don't understand / It's the people who are ashamed / Sharp and hard / Or those who are hurt. " - Mother, Song Shangwei

Here, synchronized for you to organize the relevant articles in the station, I hope you also understand why sex education is so important.

Knowing and understanding the existence of "sex" and understanding it in the right way is what we believe should be provided to our children about learning.

The purpose of sex education is never to advocate sexual intercourse, but to teach them to face "sex" in a reasonable and safe situation.

Most importantly, sex education tells children that talking about "sex" is not a shameful thing to do, but rather to be able to start from yourself, to understand their own desires and non-desires, and to understand others, and thus to build an equal intimacy.