Have you ever heard of "Swaddling" sex fallafory? What kind of experience would it be to fall asleep in a sexual position and continue an evening of intimate contact?

The weather is getting cold, and you may be starting to feel more physical lying lately. Want to be warm and eager for physical contact, especially before you fall asleep every day, and you'll often lean to the other half for a hug.

Want to create more intimacy and security between each other in the middle of the night and when we fall asleep, today we're going to talk about "Swaddling" sex-style sleep!

Fall asleep with a sexual position and continue the close contact throughout the night. Know what you're starting to wonder about, what sex-style sleeping can bring you, and how?


Sleeping awake and knowing where you are: the secret to sex-style sleep

In the past we have discussed the secret of hugging, in which the brain releases oxytocin and increases a sense of happiness in relationships through infections and exchanges of body temperature. Swaddling's sex-setting is a step further, with a closer encounter in addition to a close embrace. (Editor's recommendation: hold one in the morning and one in the evening!) Couples late at night: a way to maintain a heart-throbbing hug)

However, sexual sleep ingress sydd is different from traditional perceptions of sexual behavior. It's not about pursuing the sexuality that lasts eight hours a night and continues to get into each other's bodies, but about allowing you to feel a long and intense relationship with each other through the maintenance of your sexual posture.

Sandi Kaufman, an American sex therapist, notes that having sex with a relationship can foster a deeper and intimate link to you all feel comfortable. In the process, it will be able to create a very sweet romantic and relaxing atmosphere.

From start to end: How to have sex?

According to Sandi Kaufman, the easiest position for sex-style sleep is in one side, one at the bottom, or in a side-in style (also known as a spoon, i.e. two sides lying on each side to make up for each other, with the option of facing face-to-face or both in the same direction). In the process, you can use your feet to tie your feet, like a hug, so that each other can go deeper and have a more "feeling".

Of course, you may have some security concerns in the process.

Indeed, because you are asleep, but the sex device continues to bond, it may cause the condom to slip, not wear a condom and worry about pregnancy or bacterial infection. These are the small risks of having sex with yoursleep.

Photo " Tomorrow with You"

However, we also return to the initial pursuit of sexual sleep - gentle, warm, and continuing intimacy. We are not about a super-high and super-enduring close encounter, but we want to use some means to enable two people to continue to warm their sense of peace and security.

Therefore, you can also make some adjustments to each other's needs. For example, only before falling asleep to make a bond, but then slowly let go, only continue disfigured skin contact. The most fascinating thing about sex-based sleep is that it doesn't end up, and you can waste the whole night, lavishly snaping up each other.

What you want is not fleeting stimuli, but a stable and deep relationship. Isn't this the most feared thing to lose when a cohabiting partner or couple who have been sleeping together? (Perhaps also suitable for this: no orgasm, but more happiness?) Couples late at night: "gentle sex" allows the two to have a true intimacy)

I want you, I want to feel you, in every dark and long night, the temperature is falling.