What will be the outcome of the public hearing as amended in the Draft Rules for the Implementation of the Gender Equality Education Law? Gender force, for you to choose two points of doubt!

Even if the law on same-sex marriage is passed in May 2019, the road to gender equality is still to be taken.

At the end of 2018, all three proposals, known as the "anti-referendum", were approved, and in response to the outcome of the Eleventh case, the Legislative Council will begin amendments to the Draft Rules for the Implementation of the Gender Equality Education Act. The Education and Culture Commission held a public hearing today (24 October) to invite groups of like-minded and anti-like people and relevant organizations to exchange views and discuss.

Gender force, for you to select two points of doubt in the public hearing:

Give me the prevention of sexual bullying, I do not want to know comrades!

The sponsor of the 11th case of the referendum, and also the chairman of the Next Generation Happiness Alliance, Zeng Ying, stressed at the public hearing that he did not discriminate against gay communities, but hoped that education would not become "the promotion of some kind of ideology" through the implementation of the rules by amending the qualitative and flat law. (Recommended reading: Highlights of the 11th referendum debate!) Love referendum: Gender education will be a problem for children

He even questioned the need for gay education, saying, "Why should we keep discussing transgender and gay issues at a small stage in China?" China's small most important should be in sexual harassment, sexual bullying, sexual assault prevention and control education. This is the expectation of all parents, and there is no denying the existence of any ethnic group. 」

The next generation of happiness alliance president Zeng Ying. Images s/Youtube screenshots

Want to popularize gender equality education, but do not want to teach children to understand and respect the multi-gender, gay community. So how do we popularize it? How can we really ensure that the effectiveness of gender equality education is really effective?

Zheng Lizhong, director of the Association of Parents of Multi-Education, who also participated in the public hearing, actually provided an answer to some extent. He mentioned that it is now the Internet era, a lot of knowledge as long as the collection of the network, climbing comb can be obtained, so it is necessary to implement the country's small and medium-sized education, including gay education, gender equality education.

Because we don't teach children, children will learn on the Internet themselves.

Why is it necessary to include gay education in many areas of gender education? Zheng Lizhong also said, "We must first understand the sexual and gender face, in order to teach sexual assault, sexual harassment or sexual bullying prevention and control education." 」

Zheng Lizhong, director of the Parent Association of Multi-Education. Images s/Youtube screenshots

Awareness is the source of all education, if we do not talk about sex, gender identity, gender identity, sexual orientation, we can not let children respect the different aspects of gender, and can not teach children to respect other gay children.

Without comrades, how can there be true equality?

In addition to discussing the topic of "know comrades first, then talk about bullying prevention and control", there was another discussion at the public hearing. Hong Zhihe, chairman of the Kaohsiung Parents' Association, said in a statement:

What exactly is today's theme? Today's theme is sex education, not gay education, is it only with gay education can be sex flat? I tell you, parents are really simple, as long as the draft is to take away the four words "comrade education".

Hong Zhihe, chairman of the Kaohsiung Parents' Association. Images s/Youtube screenshots

Dear Hong Zhi and the Chairman, "take away the four words of gay education" Why not discrimination and oppression? If gays are not part of the gender equality discussion, how can we "comprehensively" discuss gender equality education? And how to teach children to respect gay peers? (Recommended reading:"Quite the same" not just marriage: gay friends still need your support)

In this regard, The small teacher of Yanjiang State, Ong Lishu, also mentioned in the passage of his speech:

If there is a lack of gay education, is it possible to truly embody the important value of "equality"?

Yujiang State junior teacher Ong Lishu. Images s/Youtube screenshots

The public hearing will be discussed and said to be a discussion, but so far there has been no consensus discussion. Perhaps, with the Kaohsiung City Zhongzheng vocational tutor Zhuo Zhanyu raised three questions, the following quote sinfully:

In such a dialogue position, I would like to confirm with you:

1. Are you sure that Ken agrees with the existence of the ambition?

Because the gender equality education law, in fact, is standing in the gay existence of this position, but if your position is not to agree with the existence of the identity, in fact, our dialogue today, there will be no intersection.

2. Are you sure you're de-sickening homosexuality?

Dr. Ye has also mentioned that in various psychiatric organizations, or sociology, psychology-related research, comrades have actually been de-diseased. But in your head, have you desicked your comrades? Or do you still think comrades are sick, abnormal, and need to be corrected? If so, I don't think there's any intersection between our dialogue.

3. Are you influenced by faith or believe in the value of human rights?

In the 22 years I have taught, I have actually talked to students about gender equality every time, and about the situation or rights or interests of multiple genders or gays. I often do a census and ask students, in your own experience, do you worry about becoming gay when you learn about gender equality or have a gay issue?

The students looked at me very puzzled and said, "What question do you ask?"

I think one of the differences I've observed here is that we grew up in an age where there was no gender equality education, let alone homosexuality.

When I saw the movie "Dinner" before, I really thought: Wow, in the Chinese family and society, there is such a blessing (referring to marriage) is very important.

But no one has ever made the assumption to me when you were a child that if you were gay or if you were heterosexual.

Most people would imagine you're heterosexual, and then you're going to marry a girl, you're going to have a relationship, you're going to have kids, you're going to have a family. We grew up in mainstream society, so if you're worried that your child will become gay in gay education, don't lose faith in yourself. The values we teach from childhood to a large age are all in the structure, expectations, and imaginations of heterosexuality, so that's why I'm going to throw it out to ask you all in particular.

Are you talking here at this moment about your faith or believe in the value of human rights?

Of course, we each have different religious beliefs, I can understand. But who exactly limits or shrinks the more specific amendments? I think that the four words "comrade education" of sex education, emotional education and gay education have been expanded to explain, and I think that in fact there is no limit, but rather to protect more people and everyone.

We may not have an answer at this time on whether sex parity is a "perfect" bill. What is certain, however, is that the inclusion of everyone as the same individual is absolutely the core concept of equality.

If the advocacy groups supporting "traditional values" have been shouting "I do not discriminate against gays, but do not include gay education in the scope of sexual equality", then I am afraid that this is not true equality.