As a heterosexual girl, I love going to the Gay Parade and I feel that I can't go. No matter gender, regardless of national origin, regardless of tall fat thin, conservative nudity. There, we no longer struggle with what is normal, no longer afraid of ourown sedatives. I finally saw that everyone became ourselves.

This Saturday (October 26, 2019) is the annual Gay Parade. This year, there has been a lot of things happening on the issue of gender parity, both to celebrate and to be sad, and the most proud and much-watched issue at home and abroad is the legalization of same-sex marriage. (Review:"Taiwan lets us see hope! With Taiwan as an example, Japan and South Korea should also push for marriage together .

Finally, we can get married.

As far as the gender spectrum is concerned, my current knowledge of myself is that I am a heterosexual girl. Whether marriage is legal or not may have nothing to do with me directly, but I still want to say "we" rather than "them". We are the same, we are all worthy of happiness.

So, I want to talk to you about why I like to walk the Gay Parade and why it's the most comfortable place for me.

Let's be the wind!

Strictly speaking, the first major gay event I attended was not a gay parade at the end of October every year, but a marriage equality concert.

Pictures . . . . . . . . .

On December 10, 2016, kaido sbrings a crowd of 250,000 people, like never before, with the slogan "Let life never die and stand up for marriage justice." That year, from the appeal to the slogan, there is a little sad.

Very urgent, but no wonder we, after all, human rights and equality, the faster and better, and we have been waiting for a long time.

But the rain keeps falling / As yesterday, the day before yesterday, like many rainy days in the past / Whether people can hold umbrellas / That doesn't matter the idle attitude as if anything else has nothing to do with it
- Ye Qing, the wrong inscription of the slide.

The first time I took part in the parade, I was a little nervous. Even though I know I'm concerned about the subject, am I at a loss or out of the question on the field?

It later became discovered that in the gay parade, such worries and concerns were always superfluous.

Pictures provided by the author

I'm more comfortable there than I thought. Look out, all people who don't know each other, but feel familiar, you know everyone here, have different life experience, but all toward the same goal.

Thousands of people, either walking or walking, are like a large invisible net, catch me, catch us. You know there's going to be a lot of power here, don't be afraid.

You are the light / But I want to send you a sun / When you are tired / you can close your eyes / Let it shine
- Ye Qing, how to put down the swashes.

Here, I know I am not a person, left and right, behind, there have been many people accompanied.

Rainy: Together, Stronger

Later, I took part in the Gay Parade the following year. slogan is "astringent flat open open, multi-religious to keep up", we went to the Ministry of Education, put up a sign on the outer wall, this time in addition to marriage equal rights, there is another focus on gender education. (Extended reading: From the board men's skirt to the Taiwan Big Men's Skirt Day: the school did not teach "gender equality", we come!! ) )

We want to tell the child that you will always have the right to choose, tore off the label, and become yourself.

Tell the child/sex is just/a sticker/is glued/can also be torn off
Pam Berber, if you don't know how to teach children.

Pictures provided by the author

Comrades parade, blooming flowers.

In addition to gay rights and education, Tongyou also pays attention to other topics: the destigmaation of people living with HIV, the sexual rights of people with disabilities, the right to work for sex workers, women's rights and women's rights many more.

You will be shocked, will be surprised, the original world there are so many things, worthy of our understanding and attention. It is known only as a gay parade, but it takes care of all the rights that people should have.

Here, we care, not just related things, but also a little far away from themselves. Buddha said: I care about you, just like you care about me.

After the Rainbow: Together, Make Taiwan Better

In everyday life, we are often limited by the social vision, and thus hide their own vision. Perhaps, you once wanted to try to hit, but it is difficult to do your own road, you fell a few times, can no longer pretend to spill, no longer have the courage to try again. (Warm Heart Recommendation: A Love Letter to a Taiwanese Girl: How Much Heart Hurt you Have, How Much Power You Have)

Although the heartless monster /bite / or remember / Don't become them / Even painful / Don't forget / Love this thing / Very important
- Pam Perber, the end of the world, I want to give you a hug.

I think the Gay Parade offers a great field to be yourself.

If you're on the general road today, or free the nipples, or wearing lolita costumes, or presenting outfits that don't match your biological sex, you may have to look at them differently. You are very upset and anxious, let your most comfortable appearance, actually in the eyes of others become different. (Extended Reading: Practice your own happiness: Be the first person to grieve for yourself)

So, we in the comrades parade, this kind of inclusive rainbow sea, can confidently and comfortably bare, can wear any fancy dress, can be very simple, can also be super flamboyant, no one will find you strange.

The idea is very gentle, so it's very gentle here.

How to hope that this feeling of comfort can exist not only in the same swim, but in every day.

Pictures provided by the author

See that to the dark / know how many people can like the light / so you can no longer hurt me
- Ren Mingxin, untitled.

Discrimination never only happens to gay people. After the adoption of marriage, there are many issues to be worked on.

As a heterosexual girl, I like to travel with me.

Here, I finally see that everyone has become themselves, and so am I.