2020 Women Fans Playwithtime Handbook "Day Experience Ambassador" is back! What does Bonnie Bonnie, who has 40,000 followers on Instagram, think about women's fans?

What are the different meanings of a hand account, held in the hands of different people?

2020 Women's Fan Playwithtime Handbook recently invited a number of hand-book enthusiasts to share their personal experiences. And after NanaQand Yang, Bonnie Bonnie, who has 40,000 followers on Instagram, joins the day experience ambassador for his 2020 women's fan show What's the idea and how will you use the hand account? Take a look now!

The second half of the year I, seems to be a bit out of touch, do not know which band was moved, perhaps more new roles, new tasks, feel must change, must be a little different from the past, not quite clear what is different, but certainly, is the right direction.

Hand account accompany me many important time, but also record their own setbacks and growth.

Want to introduce to everyone women fans of the 2020 playwithtime hand account, the inner page in addition to the common format, there are habits tracking table / Gantt chart to help manage time, intimate directory and page number, monthly gold sentence and more small details waiting for you to discover.

Demonstrated a few pages for everyone's reference:

Habit Tracker/Gantt

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Habit stalking uses the simplest way, recording the habits I want to develop, I myself want to go to bed early and get up early, drink more water, walk around more, draw more pictures, and write a daily text and write the hand account. (Recommended reading:"Know that bookkeeping is great, but it's still hard to start" three ways to teach you to manage your life with ganttchart!' ) )

Monthly Notes

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The writing space of the monthly noteises is very large, the left space can be collage or write down your own wishes for the month, the monthly golden sentence can bring life inspiration.

Week sevents

The Weekly imagines users of two modes of life:

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A. A person who is more like my own life mode, writes a little more lively, does not stop growing up, but does not want to grow up, the day should be so lovely.

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B. One is a model of comparison of office workers, days are run by work, do not want to spend too much time decorating, work hard, after work exercise relief, work how gray face, but also remember to their own good.

Below the note is square eye, the left blank can write weekly goals or free use, straight week record does not separate the daily area, may find it easy to confuse, but also increased the freedom of use, you can use different colors of pen to divide, or use a color pen to distinguish each day, can be when the general diary to write, can also add the timeline record flow account. (Recommended reading:2020 Women's Fan Book Designer Morita Dazi: Want to be a beautiful year, you need a beautiful hand account)

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Actually write down, feel paper and the overall feeling is full of good, give everyone a reference, after reading is not want to take a would have accompanied you every day?