800-word table story, there is no food, will always remind you of a certain memory. Today, I'd like to talk about the red-burned meat of the ao.

I've been eating since I was a kid, especially eating meat. Red roasted meat is an extremely healing food, fat round, belt fat, fat thin and appropriate, a little slippery roll into the belly, only the feeling of landing, the day Buddha can really be a bowl of sincere meat rice, fat and beautiful comfort.

Like meat, think about it perhaps because of family reasons.

First of all, because my father, meat rice has a light father-daughter friendship, Taichung-style breakfast tacit understanding, that is, meat with pig blood soup, I and my father seven early eight morning, nest snack stalls, buried to eat, do not have to talk specially, in short, can eat together, has been talking about the heart. At the beginning of the day, by full of meat, said, must be luxurious, must eat full in order to go on the road.

I really love this dish because of my ao.

The country put classes, fixed back to the Ao family, the father exposed the stuffing, said that the daughter is addicted to meat, and then I also quarreled about eating, so day dinner, there is a pot of red roasted meat, dandy placed on the table. In particular, Ao will say, this is specially for you, not much to add a few pieces, if you do not eat, you will be left. So, She had to eat, daily eating is not tired, as if to eat more, the more love Ao.

And then, I grew up, went to the outer county, in Taipei, often did not meet the taste of the meat. The east and west, the sauce is not right, halogen is not in place, or the name of the meat, is really the meat or lean meat annoying scam. I often miss my hometown meat and rice. Maybe it's personal prejudice, but there's something that can't match.

Growing up, very occasionally back a few times the Ao family, God pass the vast ai, can always hit the news, for me to put a pot of red roasted mineral meat. Let the patriarchal background of the times and family tradition, as long as go home, Agong Ao will always call me to eat meat, said that this is special for you to buy back to stay, inside has a self-hearted.

I know that in that pot of meat, Agong Ao loves me, she left me at the table, leaving an unshakable position.

I'll also know that in this family, I'm there. To make a pot of meat means that they know I'm home and welcome home.

Perhaps not comparable, is the kind of uninterrupted heart, patience and constant - know you like, so prepared for you. Go to the market to pick meat, boil, the process of going to the table, you know that someone is missing you.

I often feel that eating like is a particularly happy thing. But perhaps, because eating reminds me that those who care about me, they have been there.

Food as a daily carrier, loading belongs to the family's feelings, perhaps true. Food has a story, or say, if food has a story, there is suspense, there is a link, there is a unique relationship. When I think home, I often think of, but taste memory.

That bowl of meat, tell me so.

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