Hong Kong anti-china movement so far, the summer vacation is over, the struggle has not stopped. And we've probably heard the children?

At the beginning of October of this year, the Hong Kong Police Department's anti-sending movement to the current four months of time, 2379 people caught in co-detention, 104 people with 16 or less in the middle of the year, and 750 people with a total of 18 or less. A minor prisoner, an over-the-age man, is sansei.

Other Men's Men's Day, Tumen-like Tumen, Xixia Tian, etc.

A little nitto hie, another Tumen Capital Pass?

Nejiji Jikho, Yuichi In the Middle Of August Blue Yuyuki 12 Man's Child's Catch, Koreto Toki-Toki Caught In the Middle Age Of the Smallest Person. However, in September, the position newspaper report guide Inspector Mata-tei-no-Mori-no-Ba- after the rebutade, entering Tomiyasu Hanazono detention capture one person only 10-year-old male child. UDN guidance fingering, September head of the police, the application protection order for the submission of the anti-training anti-training and excised children, the three people August 29 the deep water rally site catching 13 and 15 children, the case irimon Kodo and youth clinic temporary residence, the case posted September 27 and the catch acquisition office report. The pressing period is not good, and it is normal.

September 22, 15 Liu Chen Zhengzhi Full-naked Ukiyama Ichijo Sea Level; On October 6th, when the police arrested the 11-year-old female children's police, they were unstoppable. On October 7th, the Ariichi family's three-mouthed police package, about five-year-old lion loss pain.

Mentally spiritual and violent, meat-like intimidation injury, possessive and deprived, and Ya-Yari-world-spirited heavenly superiority. Hong Kong lion-like motor wound, Imenrepitable row. Before the Tonkacho-Dai, the first-place-critical threat-prevention of the same company-sized company, Nakore one-piece-like child's year? Tsujiji, The Mengu-so-Kou-Ton-Men Self, One-story story.

Hong Kong "Minato-an 100 Questions": "Police Shushu" four characters of the Soga Menmen Reya shout

At the bottom of July, the Hong Kong head of the family, the Lion Family, was a total of "Minato-an 100 Questions" in the open-air street. The Menoha field movement, the other Men's Pass, the problem of self-submission of the Sadako Menmen, and the "Tumen-amen-like talkative machine" of the men and the other.

"A good trip? On the street, a straight-screaming person's name, a status? Tame-ta-ta-jin-ichi-kijo-gai? Taming Lin Lin Moon Hong Konger? After the second trip, the woman question: "It is not possible or non-departure? How do you do the unknown road, kore government one-on-the-go shaving, too much effort over-the-weekend machine.

The Lion Family's Short Visit to the House, the Movement, and the Other Men's Lost Reina i And the Family's Good And Overly Unfriendly Weekend. Heongko, the other Men's heart or soul. In the above, decision-making and remorgal behavior, the government of the hope-free government, the one-man-to-earth-like heart-making. Period, other Men's co-gatherings 76 Noriyako Tumen-like questions.

Tame-kai Police Shushu-Shu-Sato?
Tame-hit 999- Kake-kake-kake-kake-no-kake-no-kake-no-kake-no-kake-no-kake-no-kake-
The head of the police?
Tame-Shuryu Platoon's Personal Lying?
Tame Men's Day, Sai-De-
Police Shushu, I Kotoki-ai Kiei! Are you currently a great man, and you're not allowed to do so?
Who is the returnable weather?

During the process of the living, the other Men's undrawn guidance lion gift: "The adult Of the same time, the small heart medium-sding, the inclusion movement, and other Men's-like feeling of acceptance. 再者,純真的發問往往能更啓發大人可能沒有想過的問題。 Mother, Meditative, "Koeko, but other Tumen-like power to the dong, Ikuya. 」

Unguided, unused, eye-eye ears for lion, adult-ryo- and other Tumen-to-Do.

Japan 10 Women's Port: The Truth of My Understanding, The Reason, and the Tale of the Men

During the middle of August, he sat in the Hong Kong People's Hall, "Wa-Hyou-Hi." One of the period, Japan 10 princess Doshima Tsutomo, father-like associate, Tsubaki Japan Port, the station in the landing station sitting sign-up.

Nejima Japan WBS Newspaper (World Business Satellite) Information, Shimadzu Chika Indecision Newspaper, Tokuchi Hong Kong Masataka Movement. However, it is a transparent medium-outal control field athletic background for recognition. A free research action in the second place.

The essential truth of the matter, the essential story of the person who will be appointed.

One of the news, Yatachi Kosei Tameichi Twitter Kami-Akami-Aimon. UDN U-report ingchu-hiki-kai-amyo-like commentary, female behavior, positive exposure-free Japanese mainstream medium-like alike region, "To-site tilting ground roaring, the most basic circumstances. 」

The first order, the ten-year-old woman, and the "small reporter". "True reporter".

Kata - Koyu Mama

Taiho 10 Kosaku-Doren-an: I'm 11 th this year, I'm a question, Taiyu Yaya Nariya?

October 8th, Taitian, Taijo Legislative Academy, Parent-Child Education Promotion, Shonan Kyokyo Co., Ltd. On the wall of the public scale 10, the Hong Kong Anti-Sending Movement Nursing Act.

The Free Time Report, Chu-Dai, Yan-i, Kojima 6th-year-old, Tsuji-do-kyu-

Hong Kong's abhorrent circumstances, the mindfulness of the heart, the one-in-one question, the Taiya Yaya Nari?

"Men-to-be-like Political Vice-Government, Hong Kong-like Kotei-to-Anin-Il, Brave Earth-Deding, And Amen-in-A-Tsa. Hope, First Generation, Noh Retaining Free and Secure Environment.

I'm 11 years old, I've been reinticwithering since the head of the city, and I don't need to do it.

Kata - "Minato 100 Questions"

Photo : Screenshot of "Hong Kong Child 100 Questions"

While the struggle continues, the Black Lion family mentions that adults are used to problems and numb to absurdity, and that we should cherish the child's innate curiosity and the spirit of asking questions about everything: "Hopefully adults don't shy away from the topic and discuss events with their children." In addition to the nature of the event, the problem can also be felt from the child's concern about the status quo and psychological needs. 」

In response to the psychological trauma of children after exercise, the Hong Kong Children's Association mentioned in an interview that social movementhasing has a negative impact on children's mental health to some extent.

"On a personal level, the social movement triggered by the amendment of the Fugitive Offenders Ordinance includes a lot of intense information and images, and the personal experience of children and young people or through the media or the Internet will bring them a certain degree of impact and stress response." For example, the mind can appear in conflict images and memories, so that they are unable to focus on learning, or produce negative emotions, including confusion, depression, restlessness, anxiety, fear, sadness, anger and despair. Also, there may be opportunities to cause upsets, difficulty concentrating, and even insomnia, nightmares, and other states. 」

"In the face of different political positions, parents and teachers can be open-minded and try to encourage children to express their views and to guide them to tell their concerns or confusion." 」

"In addition, parents and teachers should also pay attention to children's feelings and emotional conditions and avoid over-exposure of scenes or images that affect their feelings during events." Even though social events may interfere with the pace of life on weekdays, children should try to maintain a regular life, a balanced diet, adequate sleep. When negative emotions hit, children are encouraged to find the right people to talk to each other, to care for each other and to express their feelings, and to seek professional support and counselling when necessary. 」

On 27 October, Hong Kong Police intercepted members of the public and searched children's backpacks at Cosbury Gardens in Tsim Sha Tsui. Photo Source: Position News

In 2019, Hong Kong people are forced to lose a lot of things. We soothed the wounds, cried each other to comfort each other, and we had no answer. But as long as there is a chance to ask questions, just keep asking questions and keep feelings about the world, like our children

Childhood may end early, and I think you can't worry about death in the best of life. But you know we're not looking for death. All the fears and doubts that you naturally have without being educated are the reason son, 5 years old, 10 or 15 years old, eager to grow up well again.

If you can, you have to let yourself, and our children, under countless unstopped batons, tear gas and water cannons, continue to shout.