Alabama's abortion ban is due to take effect in November 2019. Medical staff could be sentenced to up to 99 years in prison if a clinic violates the ban. From the time the bill is introduced to its formal implementation, only six months is possible, but it could change the lives of many women.

On October 21, 2019, taiwan's "Heartbeat Act" referendum held its first hearing. The issue of abortion, which has generated heated public debate, is a supporter of women's right to abortion and is firmly opposed to the bill's creation. (Review: Referendum proposal "Abortion must be performed within 8 weeks of pregnancy" and hearingwill will be held)

At the same time, there was a message from the United States.

The same happened this year. In April, a new law was introduced in Alabama that would see a woman who have an abortion during pregnancy punishable by imprisonment for more than 10 years and 99 years;

At the time, we were very concerned and followed up. If you want to be warm enough to know something new, you can first look at the course of the bill mentioned in these two reports.

Now, the Alabama anti-abortion law is expected to take effect on November 15.

As a party to the issue and women's physical autonomy, we see that human rights are not absolutely linear, but the result that needs to be pursued on an ongoing and sustained way.

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When the "abortion ban" haspassed: where does women's body autonomy go?

The bill is billed as the most stringent anti-abortion law in the united states, known as the "death penalty for women" ( death sentence for women ) .

Alabama's anti-abortion bill, which took effect in April 2019 (November 2019), was only half a year away.

Half a year has been enough to influence and change the lives of many women.

At that time, the bill was overwhelmingly passed. To their distaste, the 25 senators who voted in favor of the bill, all of whom were white men, could see that women had lost their voice in the matter altogether. (Same-field screening: Kang Tingyu X women's fan Audrey: how long is civilization, how long the history of telling women to shut up is long)

Human rights issues: a moment of non-inspection, on the way back

According to the Pew Research Center, an independent American pollster, about 70 percent of Americans don't want Roe v. Wade to be overturned, but seeing states limit abortion rights, there's a growing sense that women's rights are at stake.

Let's put our eyes back on Taiwan. Why do we have to pay attention to this in Alabama, and even in other countries?

As far away as Alabama, near Taiwan, the issue of female abortion has come to the fore.

Human rights issues have never been a one-off. With the world changing rapidly, there is a good chance that we will be on the road back.

We want to go to great lengths to say that women's physical autonomy needs to be valued and cared for.

"These laws won't stop women and the woman from havings, or from abortion making the best bodies for theirs and families, it will just just mean are forced to do so unsafe and glyn with."
"These laws will not allow women to choose not to have an abortion, nor will they allow families to make "good" decisions. It will only force women to have abortions through illegal pipelines and be charged with crimes. 」
- Emma Watson

Alabama's abortion ban deserves social caution. We are also concerned about Taiwan's Heartbeat Act and refuse to sacrifice women's rights.