If you're also distressed by water inversion, share 10 words with you. Whether it's writing on paper or on your phone, I want you to know that you're never going to be alone, and we're all here.

Why is life clearly good, because Mercury retrograde and become a mess?

If you're also upset by water, share 10 words with you, whether it's on paper or on your phone, and you want you to know that you'll never be alone, and we're all here (suffering with you).

When you think "why is it all me", please say to yourself:

  • No matter how hard it is, today will be over.
  • Discomfort is the beginning of growth, and when we grow, we have the ability to deal with it, no longer encounter the same discomfort.
  • Birds will fall from the sky, happy to find their own.
  • You don't really know, you are already in the midst of change, walking through the water against you will be better.

Read these when you feel "good to be comforted":

  • I know you're feeling hard, try to cry.
  • Through the hard work, to know the appearance of happiness.
  • Maybe it's because you're strong enough to survive the frost.

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When you feel like you don't want positive energy for the time being, give me poisonchicken soup, take a look at these:

  • It's all water- Don't make a fuss, no water against you is just as bad.
  • Don't believe this, you can believe only yourself.
  • Don't collapse because the water is reverse, because there are too many things worth crying than water.

In the face of low tide, you may wish to try to follow the trend, let yourself drift. It's always going to be rejuvenated, and that's when we can go up against the current. (Recommended reading: Delicate but not careful, emotionally casual: Are you also a "natural water inversion"? ) )

What about water inversion? In a year, we have experienced several water counter-reversals, and there are several opportunities and possibilities for growth. The above ten words, dedicated to the ordinary, unique you.