Have you ever heard of Affordable Fantasy? Maybe eating well and sleeping well can be no longer a luxury. Three reality shows, directed by renowned South Korean director Luo Yinxi, show you how to live a good life.

Maybe you're tired of the days of constant comparison.

Looking at the community on a beautiful picture of life, although happy, but turn around to think, how can not become their own. The world is competing every second, from school to the workplace, and now even open IG, to compare life with each other, is there a place to escape from everything?

Maybe these Korean reality shows will solve your problem.

Have you ever heard of Kinfolk magazine? Luo PD: "It's too fake, they're not realistic"

If one day your life becomes like this: 24 hours a day, after breakfast to think about what to eat for lunch, after dinner to prepare for tomorrow's breakfast, open your eyes only need to worry about three meals, occasionally chicken fishing, do not worry about money is not enough to live, but also experience rural fun, live a self-sufficient life, do you want to try it?

This is once in South Korea's 13.284% ratings, the first-ever live-action program " three meals a day" content, just watch three stars in the countryside to cook, eat three meals, can make the show to 2019.

To be able to achieve such a result, to be able to rely on the simplest behavior - "eat" to heal people's hearts, all because of the director Luo Yanxi's concept of thinking. He is a well-known South Korean variety show director, the most famous variety works are "two days and one night", "Fancy Grandpa."

Director Luo has shared his experience of the success of his reality show at a forum in 2017 and has first proposed the concept of Affordable Fantasy

Do you know Kinfolk magazine? My first impression after reading the magazine was: it's too fake, it's not realistic at all. A friend who liked Kinfolk told me: 'It's not true or false, it's that the life Kinfolk describes makes me happy.

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He observes that there is too much competition and competition in this society, but even if people are tired of the city, they can't escape the city completely, and it's hard to live a life like what Kinfolk magazine depicts.

What exactly do people want? Is there an easier way to feel good about life and relax completely? For example, lying in bed all day, just want to spend hours reading a comic book, a book, a good meal to relax.

So director Luo Yin-sik a thought of the concept of "affordable fantasy" and through the reality program to convey a new way of life: you don't need to spend a lot of money to transform your room, you don't need to save money to go to the island for a vacation, as long as you have the courage to take a step forward, you can take your family to the country side for a night, over the Do not Life.

Affordable Fantasy continued to his other reality shows, syllable for many people. If you're eager to live a freer life, recommend three warm reality shows directed by Director Rojo, D-South Korea, where there are no tasks, no competition, no wins or losses, teach you how to do nothing, and also open up your imagination for another happy life:

Imagine if your life
From eye opening to closing your eyes, just want to eat what you're eating today - Three meals a day

"Three Meals a Day" since its launch in 2014, invited different stars to the countryside, fishing villages, mountain villages and other places to live, they only need to grow vegetables, cook three meals, occasionally fish, fill the stomach, concentrate on each meal to eat well, do a good job, the implementation of the "inaction" spirit.

At first glance to listen to the plot of boredom, but people can not help but look down, began to yearn, whether one day they can also experience in the countryside, eat their own vegetables, bored when lying in the room to read a book?

Photo : Three Meals a Day

Photo : Three Meals a Day

Photo : Three Meals a Day

Imagine if your life
Is a very small island to rent a shop, selling their own hand dishes - "The canteen"

Have you ever had a dream of opening a restaurant? The reality show "Yu Canteen", which was attended by South Korean actors Yu Zhen, Zheng Youmei, Li Ruizhen and Shen Kuo, flew to the Indonesian island of Dranaan to operate a Korean restaurant, from menu design to preparation materials, greeting guests, and income and expenditure records all arranged by the four actors. The Indonesian section of "The Canteen" broke the record for three meals a day, even launching its second season of Spanish in 2019.

Perhaps the most moving thing in the "Canteen" is that they wake up your dream - always longing for a day to go to a place where no one knows themselves, to start a new life, to open a simple restaurant of their own.

Photo: "The Canteen"

Photo: "The Canteen"

Photo: "The Canteen"

Imagine if your life
It's a forest hut that generates electricity from solar panels and stays away from the crowds .

Compared with the previous "Yu Canteen" and "Three Meals a Day" with cooking as the main axis, "The Cabin in the Forest" is an experimental reality show, inviting Park Xin-hui and Su Zhixuan to a hut in the forest to conduct life experiments, they are called subjects A, subjects B, the experimentpeople called "happiness". Each day they have different test content, such as focusing on reading for an hour, spending three hours slowly eating a meal, walking in the rain, making a memory of the dishes.

What is happiness? Is it happiness to live the life you want to live out of the crowd? Is a good meal really happiness? Luo Luxi images people's definition of happiness, uses tests to find answers, and at the end of the show, the two recall the moment struck by really feeling happiness in a forest hut.

What about you? Maybe after watching the show, you'll have more courage to try.

Photo A photo of the hut in the forest

Photo A photo of the hut in the forest

Three real-life reality shows curated by Luo Yanxi, there is no distant dream, but in the simplest way, to remind you of another simple, attentive life imagination, this is an affordable happiness, and as long as you are willing to take a step, you can meet.