Why did Taiwan suddenly pop up its baby culture 30 years ago? We also discuss edited behind this is the same anti-abortion threat formula.

At the end of September this year , the issue of abortion attracted public attention after the proposal for a referendum on the Heartbeat Bill was put forward by Peng Jiazhi , chairman of the Shofar Conversion Community Alliance . And in response to a recent Facebook spread of a user's speech said:

I'm against a baby crash, a baby-in,......,-a-like girl I walk past i'll feel cold. Her uterus is like a rat cage that kills a mouse, with a killing ,......, the uterus is yours, but the discriminatory mentality is our boys' ,......, I do not oppose legalization, but I would advise everyone not to associate with a girl who has fallen.

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In this passage, we see the demonization of abortionists, and that this is derived from a belief in the culture of the baby spirit. The "you're going to be cursed by a baby for killing a baby" is the same as the anti-abortion discourse -- making you feel scared, the quickest way to get you to go.

Anti-abortion formula: Make you scared, I know it works

"The New Age Women's Child Welfare Care Association" said in a statement at the third National Report on the Review and Publication of the Third National Report on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) in July 2018, "The general belief among women in Taiwan that abortion will lead to infant sons and girls. ...... Baby culture makes girls afraid to ask for help to get out of the pain, resulting in long-term psychological trauma. 」

The infant culture begins with "causing fear" and makes abortionists anxious about an uncontrollable world of strangeness. After reviewing the historical origins of Taiwan's baby spirit, we can also tear down the intimidating "anti-abortion formula" behind it step by step.

According to the Taipei Local Alien Studio, there is no baby spirit in Taiwan's traditional beliefs. However, since 1987, for the first time, there have been several evening newspapers, bus carriages, stations and temple son-in-charge advertisements on the promotional materials of "Super-Crossing Baby Spirit". In the same year, the Associated Press interviewed Liu Zhiwan, a scholar at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, who mentioned that "the behavior of the baby ling Chaodu was copied from the Japanese custom of "water ingesting" and that "it was an era when the basic monthly salary of a Taiwanese was only eight thousand yuan, but the cost of a baby ling's support was T$3,000" and was regarded as a "commercialization of religion".

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We can continue to focus on the external environment. In 1985, Taiwan's Eugenic health care law went on the road to ensure that women can have abortions on the grounds of "maintaining mental health". Taipei's local exotic studio said that the "baby spirit sacrifice" happened to be popular at this time, can be said to be the "abortion decriminalization" of the monster. Even with the protection of the law -- or precisely because of the legal guarantee -- the anxiety of anti-abortion opponents, and then the continued desire to use the "baby-spirited faith" to hold abortion stoussa in the face of the prevailing sense of guilt about abortion, the fear of uncontrollable eccentricity.

The painless link of guilt: is it the baby or the abortion is killed?

Through the act of feeding, it is said to be the soul, but more likely to place oneself by all kinds of external social environment provoked by the guilt. And this form of a hundred tests, the line of thirty years is still long-lasting. This can be repeatedly verified by the anti-abortion stance.

On the "Miao Lilong Lake Palace" page, which calls itself the "Taiwan Baby Spirit Support Ingres Temple", the definition of "Baby Spirit Cognition" states that "in the Republic of China 74 years ago there was no "baby spirit" name ,......, the Palace in order to make all living beings aware of the scourge of "baby spirit", so it was named "Baby Spirit". 」

"The baby spirit (fetal) is born by a man or a woman, but most people often refuse their birth for various reasons or purposes and have an abortion process, yet in fact any fetus has a "spirit" at the time of birth, that is, "life"." 」

In this introduction, it is clearly mentioned that Taiwan did not have the word "baby spirit" and that it was born to make it known to all the "evil" and "threatening" of it. Baby culture is the "fruit" of conscious manipulation, and then spread through "unknowable" fear. This form is also reflected in the recent dialectics of Taiwan's anti-abortion public hearing.

"The embryo begins to take shape in the fourth week, the heartbeat begins at eight to ten weeks, and the cerebral cortex has developed and has the basic characteristics of an in vitro type," the Heart Rate Act states. And there's "Why can we put up with killing babies, why are we better off than cats and dogs?" and so on. Proponents of the Heartbeat Act have repeatedly referred to the term "baby icing" and that embryos within eight weeks are considered to be life. But as early as this spring, when the abortion bill was also being discussed in Georgia, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists issued a statement clarifying that "life is less than eight weeks pregnant." Medically known as "embryo" rather than "fetus". Treating embryos under eight weeks of age as "baby" is a confusing argument.

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What we need to talk about most, however, is perhaps not "killing a life" or "taking away an embryo" which is right; The act of killing a woman -- in a form that resonates most emotionally, blames all the blame on women, completing an oppression and intimidation of women's bodies.

"Sorry, not being your mother this time" caught the abortionists around him.

After understanding the conscious attitude of anti-abortion ists, we know the absurdity and illogicalness of it. In retrospect, how else can we focus on the abortion providers around us?

Go home in September to open the "Abortion Anonymous Edition" to encourage those involved to write down their feelings and stories. In these 20 comments, we see the self-blame and guilt of many women for their unborn child, as well as the mental and emotional trauma of the other half's failure to give empathy and companionship. In that scene, they were confronted with the uneasiness of the abortion process, the unsly soft attacks of the whole society, and did not know whether the most painful would be the absence of the other half or relatives.

It's like at that moment, all over the world, you're standing in the cold hallway or the operating room, but no one's really around you.

They said, I'm sorry, this time my mother didn't have the ability to leave you.

They have their backs on this society, standing or lying there; You know it's a place without love, but there's the one who needs to be loved the most.

The debate about abortion has once again been revived by the infant culture, or anti-abortion debate, from the United States to Taiwan. Thirty years later, we know that the pattern of intimidation is still the same -- as in 30 years, abortion is only accumulating or deepening -- without having to walk into the clinic, which is already a huge cold surgical bed.

The road to the decriminalised fight for abortion is still on the way, and perhaps not so fast, but this way, we can slowly catch the people around us. Together, you won't lose the temperature so fast.