What is a male dry orgasm? Is it a state to worry about? Come and learn more.

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In the case of heterosexual couples, you may be used to the end of a sex act, depending on the boys" ejaculation. So, today if for any reason he is "can't shoot out", the girl may start to think, is not I attracted to him? Did I not do well? Boys may not be able to help trouble, I will not not meet each other?

Continue, there may be, "Is our love fade?" "Is there a problem with each other's feelings?" 」

However, let's pause here first. Today, let's talk about the boys' Dry Orgasm! From possible causes to orgasms and discussions of love, perhaps you will get some different ways of thinking.

Is the dry orgasm "no ejaculation, what's going on" is not something to worry about?

Dry orgasm, as the name suggests, is the condition in which men reach orgasm but do not ejaculate, or only trace semen.

According to Dr. Justin Lehmiller, an American sexologist, there are many reasons for dry orgasms. For example, men release fewer semen after a few orgasms in a short period of time, or some people may experience "reverse ejaculation" because of enlarged prostates or diabetes, i.e. semen is pushed into the bladder during ejaculation (which is then mixed with urine when urinating).

However, dry orgasms are not harmful in themselves. If it is found that it is caused by retrograde ejaculation, it is more concerned about the other health problems behind it.

So, do you need to worry about dry orgasms? If it continues to occur and causes distress -- for example, if you have a fertility plan -- then the advice can ask a professional physician to understand why. There is no harm in having more knowledge of your body. But if you already know there's not much to worry about in your health, you're still worried about it. Perhaps next, we need to focus on the psychological level.

"No ejaculation doesn't mean he didn't enjoy it" first to understand the relationship between love and orgasm

First of all, we can discuss the effect of the habit of using male ejaculation as the end of a sex act. When you are all focused on a "end point", all you do will work hard to reach that distance. But there are many positive feelings in sex that are both subtle and wonderful, and can easily be overlooked.

Then, by explicitly setting the criteria for happiness (or "success") or not, you also make sexual pleasure absolute and lose its true nature

You want sex because you love him, you want to make each other happy, you want to be closer. So why is this "completion" of sex and love based on a one-sided orgasm?

During orgasm, our brains release dopamine, which in turn results in extreme happiness. Then, when you love, the brain releases a lot of oxytocin and follows the memory of the happiness with each other. (Editor's recommendation:"Anything can be given up, that is, sex first don't" cohabitation or marriage, you need a few reasons for orgasm)

We thus return to the fact that sex, as a daily routine that brings intimacy closer together, really makes you orgasm and makes you feel happy, from the brain. Not ejaculation, from the physiological to the psychological level, does not mean that he did not enjoy;

When you're anxious again and again because we don't have ejaculation, wetness, or other physical states, let's practice slowing down and telling ourselves that the body doesn't lie, but your love and desire for each other will be more honest than anything else.