"Women's body autonomy and killing babies, who is the weight of who?" Some people say that supporting abortion is the killer. And we want to say that there is never a problem of choice or conflict between maintaining reproductive autonomy and valuing the fetus.

Recently, Taiwan's referendum proposal "Heartbeat Bill" has been in full swing.

The incident stems from a national referendum proposal by Peng Jiazhi, president of the Shofar Conversion Community Alliance, that abortion should be performed within eight weeks of pregnancy. The news caused a backlash from the public and many groups. (New: Gender Newsletter, referendum proposal "Abortion must be performed within 8 weeks of pregnancy" and a hearing will be held)

In response, the Taiwan Association for Gender Equality Education said: "Reducing the duration of abortion to eight weeks not only detracts from assistance to women who terminate pregnancy, but also releases a message of stigma and debasement of women's physical autonomy, which is of great harm to the establishment of a gender-equal social and educational environment." 」

"A lot of people say that the Heartbeat Act does n'no respect for women's physical autonomy. Female body autonomy and killing babies, who is the weight of who? - Peng Jiazhi

Here, first on the use of nouns to explain the doubt. Lin Zhijie, a professor at the Institute of Science and Technology, said it was inappropriate to use the term "baby" to describe embryos that had not yet been able to survive independently from their mothers.

"He is a "baby" or even an "embryo", he is not a "baby". I think this is very clear. Lin Zhijie

Then, we would like to say that supportfor abortion is not not to value and cherish the fetus;

Support for abortion and love of fetuses, there is no conflict

Unintended pregnancy, as the name suggests, was an "accident".

When the mother, father, or others of the fetus, do not sincerely look forward to the child's arrival, when the child is born, he may have to face a world that does not welcome him, for the child, is actually a sad thing.

We support women's right to have physical autonomy, reproductive autonomy and abortion. Supporting this claim does not mean that we treat life in our stomachs inad, but rather that we want our children to be born under the right circumstances.

We support abortion precisely because of love for children.

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Abortion: abortion, it's the termination of pregnancy

The referendum proposal, dubbed the Heartbeat Act by the proponents, says it values the heartbeat of the fetus. What about the mother's heartbeat and will? Does anyone care?

When a pregnant woman wants an abortion, the decision is not easy for her. And the emotions may include perseverance, contradictions and struggles, or even evil.

"You don't have a chance to live, I don't have a day without regret. Ye Yang, My Injury.

There may be many reasons behind induced induction surgery, but as the mother or mother of the fetus, she should have a reasonable choice.

"That needle went down, and I knew I had lost her. I walked out of the clinic, into the toilet, locked the door and lay on the door board. Have heard others say, close relatives left, a part of their own also followed him away, finally I have a profound understanding of this sentence. Ye Yang, My Injury.

The word "abortion" sees only the fetus, not the mother;

When a woman is pregnant, if she wants to terminate her pregnancy, she's not the killer, she's not a bad person, she's just an unprepared mother. And she, forever, has the right to make the most appropriate decisions for herself and the fetus.