In order to enable employees to be themselves in the workplace and to maximize their capabilities, Tara, mozilla's leader in diversity and inclusion, believes that D'amp;I should be a learning to respect who you are, regardless of race, gender, or personality, so that every employee truly believes in the place and is willing to go hand in hand.

On October 29th, women fans invited Tara Robertson, the leader of Mozilla's internal D.I. (Damp;I) program and Tara Robertson, who led the gender transition policy in 2018, to the park to share with the entire team how to design the system and the difficulties of its implementation.

Dressed in a saturated indigo top and bright pink lipstick, Tara sat on a grassy green sofa on the first floor of the night, all in harmony, reflecting today's theme, the concept of "multi-integration."

Tara says she feels the "magic" of the place after visiting the park. He and we admitted that he was worried that today's clothing may not be formal enough, but when he stepped into the park, see the color of the head-on, the heart will be at ease a lot, perhaps this is the magic of multi-integration.

Mozilla, a company owned by Tara, is a networking company owned by a non-profit foundation that aims to create a safer and more open web environment. With the same philosophy and vision, they also value the state of internal employees at work and actively pursue the D.Amp;I strategy.

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The realization of human rights is not an accident, but a struggle for

At the beginning, the woman's big sister,' She enchutised tara, who had arrived at first sight, to describe herself with three key words.

The first key word he said was "queer" and then mentioned that he had come to Taiwan to join the gay parade and felt taiwan's enthusiasm and activite. Like Yan Jiawei, Tara, though she doesn't remember his name, is still impressed by his waving rainbow flag and wearing rainbow stockings, "He is so inspire and so brave. ( he is so inspiring and brave) " and deeply felt taiwan and the international social minority. belonging to the same group.

Tara says "Impact" will be his second key word. After two years of research at Mozilla, he began to think about both culture and belonging. In the past, he used to be a librarian, and he thought he was doing a good job, but when he came to Mozilla to promote diversity, he was more excited about his international influence, and even made it a mission.

He further shared and promoted people on the subject, though often feeling lonely, often subjected to social cold-eyed treatment, and even received a lot of abuse. But it's also because you're in this position that we can move beyond the group, look at gender issues from a unique perspective, and really understand the psychology of those communities, he stressed.

He then reminded us that the legalization of same-sex marriage in Taiwan this year was not an accident, nor was it an immediate push from the idea that the government had "let us legalize gay marriage". "People fought hard. ( That's what people are fighting for. He came to a firm conclusion.

He said the stories and journeys of these predecessors always inspired him, so he was full of thanks to them, he said, because of their presence that made him more comfortable. It is also for this reason that he is so actively engaged in this field, continue the footsteps of his predecessors.

On his third key word, he wants to "listen more to his body." Because his work requires access to the vast amount of data, and the difficult methodology must be applied to analyze the information objectively. But, on the other hand, his work also emphasizes "listening to people's experiences", such as mood and mood. As a result, he realized that it was also important to "listen to the voice of his body" and that "the body will honestly reflect its true state".

Integration is not just an approach, but a "feeling"

As soon as the conversation turned, Tara immediately talked about the job he was working on, The D.Amp;I.

He defines precisely: "The knowledge of respect for who you are is." 」

Among them, "diversity" is a place that accommodates people of different genders, races, ages, religions, languages, countries, and personalities, all of which determine who we are.

Tara adds that why diversity is so important, in fact, many studies have confirmed that "companies with multiple genes tend to perform better" as if they could be more profitable and creative.

As for "integration", Tara argues that in fact integration does not have to take place in the environment of diverse ethnic groups, "it is a feeling", like "do you feel like i belong here?" "Is my voice important and respected?" Or "Do I feel safe enough" he thinks that employees' feelings are critical to the company's growth.

He gave the example that if we had a complex and difficult problem in our hands, we would need to receive different views from all sides. At this point, you must create an environment where everyone feels safe when they are heard. (Extended reading: Friendly Business Talk, "Diversity is not an option, but an inevitable" multinational's D-and-I strategy)

Tara is excited to share it with us, and the Women's Paradise itself is a place for D'amp;I. He mentions, like a tree hole space on the 2nd floor, for introverts and partners who need to self-precipitate. "It's impressive how you design the structure of this building. He praised the place as a "paradise" in fact.

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The principles are formulated to make partners truly believe in this place.

In real life, however, it's a tricky issue to get started with the promotion of D.amp;I. "We are an example of how people might think that their company is diverse enough to not really look at every part of the company equally, or that the needs of each individual are actually different." "So how do you plan and create a work environment that allows the company to operate efficiently while at the same time giving your partners a sense of belonging?" 」

Tara says Mozilla is a "mission-oriented", not-for-profit company that is owned by the foundation. So their style of action is, to some extent, counterproductive to other companies, "because we value things differently."

He then shared Mozilla's approach with us, with 1,200 employees, 10,000 community guards, and 30 people in Tara's office alone, from 16 countries, speaking 19 languages, "What's acceptable. Nature changes according to the personal background.

As a result, Mozilla has clearly defined the community community community guidelines (community engagement code) within the company. In his view, the establishment of such a code would be very specific and easy to understand.

Tara further explains that the Code contains behavior that the company welcomes and does not tolerate. For example, never accept sexual harassment, touch a pregnant woman's abdomen without consent, etc. He stressed that before any contact, it is important to have "ask, ask, ask, and wait for the answer.) (ask, ask, ask, and wait for an answer). And these principles apply in any occasion, event, or even on the Internet.

The host also shares the culture of women's fans with him, "Work is love made. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . This is the words of Gibberen, the core and principle of women's business. Tara nodded frequently, thinking that a woman's deep spirit of action could be heard from this sentence.

Furthermore, in addition to the code's work out, and how to design the D.amp;I system, Tara also shares with us that the company will design relevant surveys on the status of partners' involvement in the company's culture, and pay attention to several specific issues to assess the context behind it. For example, if someone leaves the company, they will pay attention to whether they prefer which ethnic group, whether they are unfriendly, and if their internal partners have an opinion, they will also look at "where the gap is created".

To this end, Tara further points out that these surveys are conducted to lead the company in a better direction. The reason why the company is looking for a vision is because it gives employees a motivation to work and a more genuine belief that this is where they deserve to stay.

On the road to multi-integration, businesses may be in trouble

However, the design of the system is often not perfect, walking will find that the road is still full of thorns.

Even if the company is already aware of the importance of d.amp;I, it takes a lot of time and effort to recruit talent and pay special attention to the diversity of ethnic groups. He gave a clear example: "What if there was a good candidate today, but he was a white man?" 」

Tara responded that because the company's executives were so focused on d'Amp;I, they set specific target stakes to develop a follow-up strategy, "They are serious. )」

But even with clear goals and a lot of business templates, Mozilla is having a lot of trouble, tara says. For example, he has dealt with many cases in which "not intentionally hurting others". He believes that those who break the boundaries of others may not be deliberate and do not want to hurt people, "but they must recognize that someone does get hurt as a result, so they need to be held accountable." 」

Therefore, to deal with such an event, both the injured and the injured party, must be a lot of difficult topics to open up. When the injured party has to take the initiative to express the need for communication and say "I feel not respected", "I feel unpopular with you" and so on, there will be hesitation. When we are injured, to admit that all this heart must be mixed. People, on the other hand, are difficult to bevulnerab, often fearing that they are considered unprofessional and therefore not respected.

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By example, to establish a multi-integrated security circle

Tara points out that if the supervisor is willing to stand up as the first person to show vulnerability, then subordinates will be encouraged to show their inner vulnerability.

In addition, Tara shared with us that their guide includes the principle of "Safety" that wants everyone to be responsible for the feelings of others. She stressed once again that there would be greater benefits, especially if senior executives led by example. It's like inviting your partners here to express their opinions while chairing a meeting: "You had a great idea last week, would you like to share it with us today?" 」

Tara then shared a true story of a supervisor who fought for gender equality, who began a meeting of 800 people with "Hi guys" and greeted the owners of the scene. However, as soon as he realized the possible negative effects of this sentence, he changed his tune: "I'm sorry, I mean to say "everyone". Tara is respectful of this, that the director in front of the company, willing to so admit their mistakes, and immediately correct, is quite worthy of respect and example.

When it comes to making mistakes, "we all make mistakes, " says Tara, but having a willing heart and how to support each other through these difficulties is the most important thing to be paid attention to. A supervisor once said to him, "I hope you feel safe here, and I'm not angry." And if you don't make mistakes, you won't do the job well. When he heard it, he was very motivated and felt deeply accepted as a "part" of the place. These small and influential actions echo the cultural goal of "integration".

Tara also uses the term "accounting". He believes that "integration" is a two-way street. Therefore, when he supports leaders and teams to succeed, he must also be open to them and develop a relationship of trust with other partners. Tara also encourages us to treat ourselves to the same standards. When you make a mistake, practice being able to respond with openness and learning, rather than being angry about it, or being defensive.

Finally, he asked Tara, "Do you have any secret to balance vision with reality?" Tara believes that the biggest secret is that everyone on the team is willing to support each other. At this point, Tara looks back and points to the slogan "One person walks fast, a group of people go far" engraved on the wall of the woman's night, which he is particularly fascinated by because it properly and perfectly confirms the secret.

Then Tara said to us, "This is really a paradise, and we're all fighting for fairness and equality in the world", which gives him more motivation to go on because he's not alone.