Interview with Chen Yingxuan, director of "The Dreamer", perhaps for Director Chen Yingxuan, "The Dreamer" is also a call to evoke another possibility to present Taiwanese culture (inside the micro-mines, if you consider it)

"I've never been dismissive of popular, never. 」
"What I want to call back is actually a link to a sense of culture. 」

Chen Yingxuan director every time appears, like a degree, to throw something, some people like somepeople do not like, wrong who, but there is no reason.

Seven years after the film, Director Chen Yingxuan launched the Netflix drama "The Dreamer" on October 31 this year, about revenge, escape from prison, brotherhood, the collection of all the elements of the Taiwanese gang, the film is not on, first sensational, like the 2012 "Soran" a poise, we wait, Can the world be a little different, can it be somewhat expected?

She once said that directing was a practice, and I asked the director where he had gone and what he had done after "The Sorcean." She laughed, filmed some Mvs, and looked for ways to communicate with the public.

And maybe you can find some trace in "The Dreamer" - what she wants to do is actually be a popular movie.

The meaning is that we still decide to love each other regardless of origin.

"The Dreamer" with gang culture as the background, mixed with suspense. Leaving aside the story of the dream, the highest degree of discussion, or the drama depicts the friendship of the river and lake. I asked why I wanted to shoot a brotherly relationship. The director asks, do you know why people have been fascinated by this kind of friendship?

She explained that from the so-called heaven and earth to taiwan's own corner, this kind of organized gang, in fact, was a group of people in order to help each other, to some extent is chivalrous spirit. People will be called upon by this spirit, and that is the meaning of love.

"What's that sentiment?" We're not related, but you see me as a family member, and I think that's the core of the so-called gang spirit. Whatever our origin, we decided to love each other, which is very valuable. 」

What do you say is the most interesting thing in the world? From Ding Changquan, A ghost to Xiao Wei, "Sinner" role of every word, every choice and action, because of thousands of years of people can not get rid of the love. Also because of the river and lake has feelings, so there can not be and have to be, the body can not help but become a destiny. As Ding Changquan mother said that sentence: these people seem to have a ruler in their hearts, but partial is in this place, in the end he can only be unkind, otherwise how can there be that sentence? People are alone in rivers and lakes.

Brotherly love does not matter blood for the League, Taoyuan three knots, "to speak a little, is actually a loving heart." She laughs. All of a sudden, those heavy topics of rivers and lakes become very cute.

Lin Yutang once said that forgetting is not the realm of his envy. This is what I think is very special thing to be a person, so-called feeling, it brings a lot of feelings. Director Chen Yingxuan said. That "love" word, she bet heavily, first love, and then people have meaning.

"Too forgetful" although good, the best or "cannot forget", the most in life. High is high, life is boring.
- Lin Yutang's "On The Relationship"

I thought, whether this is the director practice seven years of understanding, can be abominable, can also be lovely, when you read, a lot of happiness and pain can be light down.

What I want to call back is actually a link to a sense of culture.

After the eight episodes of "The Sinner" went live, to be honest, evaluate the poles.

Some people say that the Taiwan drama has a new height, many details worth chewing, and some people think that the plot is too complex to digest, the first episode alone makes people dizzy. What kind of river and lake and gang, full of mouth, but also full of literary taste, spitting out a poem?

For example, in the first episode of the SnowY Ballroom, Xiao Wei introduced himself to Daegu:

"Where's home?" 」
"Report, the small man's surname Is Xiao, single name is a sister Xiao, opposite the brother Xiao Yi Xiao TWO, never seen, the old man Jiangxi million years old people, when the year of Taiwan and then can not stand, sixty son, 70 to the west. 」

Then Brandy toasted three other people:

"Big brother horse head is a look, two brothers and soldiers have no double, Cui is always a piece of ice heart, brandy is taught. 」

But perhaps for Director Chen Yingxuan, this is another experiment and call, which can evoke another possibility of presenting Taiwanese culture: "Taiwan is a place of cultural stratification, but it is not a sum-up, but a very scattered one, and I don't know where to point to - pointing to the Japanese colonial period?" Point to the national government to come to Taiwan? Point to Zheng's successful descendants? As a matter of course, Taiwan can have a lot of yuan, should be five lakes and four seas, there are all kinds of historical common work or facts to face, this is no problem. 」

She went on to explain: "But culture can't be reduced one by one, you know?" One deduction one, we are all subtraction, reduced to later do not know what kind of taiwan is a place. That is, it can be anything, no problem at all, but you have to link with culture, resonate. I use a shallow way, after all, is still a popular film and television works. These elements, songs, poems, or lines, in fact, are just very fragmentary pieces, to see a possibility, with Taiwan a life-oriented, a cultural orientation. 」

"All creations are a kind of refining, making framing, and you'll know, "Oh, these things together, you're a stranger?" You're no stranger to it. 」

As we would like to take classical poetry, literature as a special arrangement, can be in the "Water Otter" this kind of classical literature to describe 108 good Han's river and lake things, has never been less. Not to mention the Taiwanese songs used in it - rogue Ade's debt, to the 50-year-old's own memos, these elements are not far from our lives, and in Taiwan, we are exposed to such a diverse culture.

"What I want to bring back is actually a link to a sense of culture. For example, when you talk about poetry and swearwords, you think it's so conflicted, and you know it represents one thing - the life of our modern people is completely disconnected from the cultural accumulation of the past. 」

"It's not that Chinese how it is, but that we're in a place where it's a Chinese culture after all, and it's already shared with us, you know?" But we don't seem to have anything to do with them, it's embarrassing, we just talk, we don't. I think our culture is useless to us, we are not familiar with any culture at all, I think there is such a situation in Taiwan. 」

So what's the real point, Director Chen Yingxuan said, maybe "The Dreamer" can become a primer, talk about those who really exist in Taiwan society, all levels of life culture, is so close to us, only to be aware of.

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