Interview "The Dreamer" director Chen Yingxuan next set, no matter what the community gives, does not prevent her from giving her own practice, she said that people to a stage, no longer confined to how they are viewed.

Interview on the set: When Jianghu meets the poem Interview "The Dreamer" director Chen Yingxuan: I want to call back, is the link of cultural sense

When a man reaches a stage, he is no longer tied to how he is viewed.

In the course of her dialogue with Director Chen Yingxuan, she constantly emphasized the words popular and popular, I asked why, she pulled the time back to.

"Because I found out that "The Sorcean" is a relativestream of consciousness, others are so said, I think it is quite popular, but the market reaction is not so. 」她说完有点苦哈哈哈地笑。 I lookated at her, always feel that the director is a very hard-working person, sometimes interview to half on the play humor, self-deprecating.

"A lot of people will question whether you're not going to tell a good story or something, but I think it's kind of funny. My first film, "Seventeen-Year-Old Sky," was a big pop movie, and the second was "The Nation's No Double" or a popular film - I mean, I've never been dismissive of pop, never. People in each creative stage will give themselves different homework, just like Xi Wu, cooking, each stage has a different realm of pursuit, that realm is you and yourown. 」

Whatever the social evaluation, does not prevent her from giving her own practice, the reason why in the discussion of "The Dreamer" constantly stressed popular, not only Netflix as an international platform needs, but also Chen Yingyi to their own challenges. So after "The Sorces", seven years of filming MV experience, from Li Jiawei's cliff of heaven to Mo Wenwei's slowly like you, through Chinese popular songs to find ways to tell the story with the public.

"I feel like I can mature again and make the masses and the popular. Mature two words, directly referring to Chinese classics, are able to combine popularity with art, such as the film "The Godfather."

As a creator, she always knows what she wants to pursue, "at a stage where you don't get stuck with what kind of creator you should be treated as, but what your work says." Several consecutive interviews, Director Chen Yingxuan half leaning on the sofa, slightly tired, but chat about Taiwan's vision of film and television is so sincere.

I looked at her and thought the director who said that was really handsome.

The wall is there, but it's not there.

"The Sinner" is not a hit. Before visiting Director Chen Yingxuan, I participated in the pilot film, and after the trial, I spent a long time chewing the lines of each character. There is a picture I can never forget:

In prison, old Xia hand grasping the dream of the red, asked A quan read not, A Quan said, you did not borrow. He laughs.

"No hurry, not urgent at all, this is the purest sleeping pill. Little reading sleep, I was reading long sleep. 」
"Outside the wall, the red buildings are all like that, the walls are there, but the walls are not there. 」

Sometimes you're anxious to disassemble the innuendo in each character's line, to understand the big picture, but it doesn't work here, and the more you're anxious, the more you hit the wall.

Not in a hurry, anxious, this sin and dream, you can read slowly.

Edit postscript

Director Chen Yingxuan once quoted Li Shangyin as saying, "The world is in the dust, without love and hate" to describe "the dreamer." She said she actually put the poem in when she wrote the outline of The Dreamer.

Remnants of the west into the city, the hut to visit the lonely monk. Where are the deciduous people, a few layers of cold cloud road.
Knock ingress alone at night, and lean on a vine. In the dust of the world, I prefer to love and hate.

That "Ning" word, one said is more than, some people say is to calm the love and hate, "this is the choice of accession to the WTO and the birth, one walked in, one came out, a word is inexhaustible." Why this poem? I think there's a lot to play for. 」

The more she spoke, the more she said, and then smiled, saying that she was a little embarrassed, surrounded by a large group of people filming, actually began to talk about these mysterious things. I just remembered that I had just accidentally been fascinated by the poem.

Perhaps this is the director's work charming, it seems but not, how you see, how to solve, that is all personal choice, is the reality or dream, that is difficult to say.