Love and Home: Watch the marriage of actor Chen Yihan and director Xu Fuxiang. To have a family, to have love to become a family, and home is not only the role of their own, but also mutual support, but also based on love understanding and respect.

Chen Yihan loved many people, but let her become their own in love, only Xu Fuxiang one person.

They went into marriage in 2018, when Chen was still having a child. Gossip poured in, and everyone was asking ,"What did she see of him?" and "How could he catch her?" And she said only faintly, "When i first got in touch, she decided to marry him." (Recommended reading:A GIRL I have children I don't marry!) Lin Chenxuan: Marriage is not a guarantee of feelings )

She looks at, is that she finally do not have to worry about each other jealous, is not to sacrifice a certain part of their own, do not have to work hard to fall in love. Two hands, seal a cover, marriage is like buying food on the street. The media finished asking, the next day back to two people every day, good morning husband, good night wife.

In addition to being comfortable, life has bland pleasures. On a trip between two people, Chen Yihan's front teeth were broken, and he hurriedly went to the dentist to make up for it, and continued to play. Later, where to know, the front teeth were broken by the beer can. Unable to find a dentist, and too lazy to spend time, she faced a few less teeth, playing for a week. Xu Fuxiang shouted how so cute, can not put the front teeth back. "He probably fell in love with me at that time." Chen Yihan said.

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After marriage, the two on the reality TV show, like a friendly interaction is also constantly staged. She was in high spirits, he was acting with him, and he had a good time on the phone; she made muffins, he made coffee, muffins were ruined, and the breakfast date went on. Two people love each other, what is a smile can not be resolved?

Not long after, friend Lin Xin as a guest on the program, said "I don't think Xu Fuxiang will catch up with such a positive female star", and Chen Yihan responded, "But I am honored to marry him, wake up in the middle of the night When I think, can marry Xu Fuxiang is the happiest thing in my life." 」

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She has the courage to love, longing to be loved, in the past has also revealed to the media that they do not fall in love can not, the need to continue to have love irrigation. And after several periods of love, she is glad that the person who can go to the family hand in hand is Xu Fuxiang; (Recommended reading: "Relationship Diary" Zhiming and Chunjiao, you are so important, have not loved others I really do not know)

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In this marriage, Xu Fuxiang has always played a supporting role. When Chen Yihan was pregnant but still wanted to do high-intensity exercise, the world advised her not to run for the safety of her children. Only Xu Fuxiang told him, "You're happy and you'll go." Full trust in Chen Yihan, I believe that even if she engaged in high-intensity exercise, but also still have the ability to protect children, but also support her to become their own, perhaps Chen Yihan feel safe about this relationship, can not be separated from Xu Fuxiang one of the reasons.

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To have a family, to have a family, to have love to become a family, to have you in the place is the home I want to arrive.

Chen Yihan and Xu Fuxiang, let us see that home is not only their respective duties, but also mutual support, but also based on love understanding and respect.

Others say that the envy of Chen Yihan in the family, can also be safe to do their own. But in fact, why should we envy? To be yourself, it is worth spending a lifetime to pursue things, whether to find a partner to support themselves, and whether you have a family or not, you can, and is already their own.

Chen Yihan and Xu Fuxiang teach us three family relations lessons:

  • Don't be stingy to give each other praise, express love and like each other
  • How to live a "a mixed" thing, can maintain a sense of humor
  • Believe that the other person can take care of themselves and life, give enough space