Linda Wong, Director-General of the Association for The Protection of Women's Sexual Violence at the Women's Asylum Conference, noted that gender-based violence in Hong Kong has become a weapon and called for international attention.

The first panellist at the Fourth World Conference on Women's Asylum Placement was Linda Wong, Director-General of the Association for Women's Sexual Violence, who spoke of gender-based violence in Hong Kong, where it was taking place and we cannot pretend that it does not exist and cannot be closed.

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"Gender-based violence has become a weapon that is too effective in Hong Kong. 」

Linda Wong, Director-General of the Association for The Protection of Women's Sexual Violence

Linda Wong took to the stage to share the violence of gender violence that was fuelled at the Hong Kong sports scene.

She mentions that political-induced gender-based violence, whether consciously or unconsciously, is aimed at consolidating political power and eliminating dissent and silence.

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Politically motivated means of gender-based violence are not only intended to humiliate individual victims/protesters, but also to attack entire communities, but also to reveal the possible negative consequences of any concern for politics or rebellion over established power structures; It is all about re-consolidating political power.

Linda Wong mentioned that no one should use sexual violence as a means of intimidation to deny women or any person of any gender the right to participate in political activities. And when the police should have played a role of assistance and support, but instead became the perpetrator of sexual violence, the people of Hong Kong are losing their trust in the police and public power and are in an environment of physical and mental insecurity. She appealed to more than 1,400 gender-sensitive advocates on the scene that gender-based violence should not be a means of intimidation or silence.

Gender violence in Hong Kong requires international common concern, support and solidarity. She invited people to join the Global Co-post and called on the United Nations to consider the current situation of violence in Hong Kong. (Same show: Undressing, Forcing Naked, Grinding Clitoral: Hong Kong's "METOO Parade" to protest against police sexual violence)

It's not a case, it's just the tip of the iceberg.

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Linda Wong also brought a video of a female confession on the scene of the Hong Kong anti-transmission campaign, referring to the unfair treatment during the search.

"I was a woman arrested by the Anti-Trump Movement and I was taken to a detention cell. The room in the detention room, with walls on three sides and one with iron bars, faces the corridor. Male and female police can enter and leave, as long as from the side, you can see the process of searching, there is no privacy. One of the policewomen yelled and asked me to undress, including underwear, and search. While another policewoman, I asked them why they were searching, the policewoman replied, "This is the court, to search a little more rigorously." They do what I want from me because I don't understand the law and the right procedures. Insulting me, depriving me of my human rights for pleasure, they did not respect me. 」

"After the policewoman searched my clothes, she didn't immediately return my clothes to me, but asked me to do squats and stand up three times. I in order to quickly wear back my clothes, according to her instructions to do, the first squat up, the policewoman said my movement slower, squat low enough, want me to do it again, I finally did five times. I don't think it's necessary because they've searched my body and there's no offensive stuff. I'm not guilty of drug-related crimes, I can't have drugs in my system. 」

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"Throughout the process, the policewoman kept scolding me as cockroaches, and I felt insulted, and I felt that I wasn't treated like a human being. I have never received or signed any consent form for a search. This is not a case, but the tip of the iceberg in this campaign. In order to stop the indiscriminate police presence, we would like to urge the Hong Kong Government to set up an independent commission of inquiry. (Recommended reading: Male police man touches chest, female police officer looks at her toilet Hong Kong high school student Wu Ao-shee: "If I don't stand up, who else will speak up"

I think of a previous gender-force interview with Hong Kong professor He Xiang-ting, who said, "Our trust in the police is gone." Hong Kong will never again be the same. But I believe that one day Hong Kong will be better. 」

Perhaps, when standing on the scene of the Hong Kong Social Movement and seeing sexual violence turn into an easy weapon, we do see that Hong Kong will no longer be the same as before, or perhaps, when we speak out, when we are determined not to, when we act together, Hong Kong can be better and better than before.

Linda Wong concluded by thanking the audience for their participation and inviting everyone to get up and raise their right hands to show that we stand with Hong Kong and reject gender-based violence. With stand Hong Kong, No to sexual violencece.