Keanu Reeves' romance with artist girlfriend Alexandra Grant has gone public. Why do people want him to find a companion so much? And why hasn't he been alone for so long?

Keanu Reeves' romance with artist girlfriend Alexandra Grant has gone public. They met at a party in 2009 and later co-published graphic books, one by one, one by one, for illustration.

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According to BAZAAR, Alexandra Grant has said in interviews in the past that "Kinuliwai and I both like to do it." Some people are just dreamers, they have a lot of ideas but don't really execute them, and I think I think I and Kenoulyalike like to put them into action and communicate them to the world. 」

One can't help but think, why compared to other entertainment celebrities when the announcement of love news, always by the logging, slug. Netizens to Kinulivi's emotional state, on the contrary, is full of blessings and congratulations? (Recommended reading:"Single Diary" "Tokyo Woman's Map": Love like an adult, in fact, very lonely)

Maybe he really wants to be single for nearly 20 years, can find someone to accompany it.

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In 1998, Kenoulyvai became a first-line actor in "The Hacking Mission," and at the same time, he publicly confessed to his girlfriend, Jennifer Syme, who fell in love with glue paint. The year after, Jennifer was pregnant with two children, but eight months later, the baby was stillborn, and the two couldn't bear to die, so she decided to separate. Kinulyvai once revealed: "Our hearts were completely destroyed by the death of her (daughter), and we ended the relationship in the end." 」

After the two separated, Jennifer was killed in a car accident in 2001. In just a few years, Kenoulyva i lost his love, and for him, the ability to love him disappeared from the world with his daughter's wife. He stopped letting anyone into his heart, saying, "From then on, I rejected any genuine relationship." 」

He loved a man so much that he left before he could pull it back. He felt his love disappear with her. He alone left the world, in the park, on the roadside, in any corner, quietly live only their own and lonely life. (Recommended reading: Tree Shilin's relationship quote: one person lonely, ten people are lonely, this is human ah)

We looked at him and thought of the loneliness we had experienced. These common experiences are unbearable, and he muster the courage to love again. After all, we can't even fix ourselves.

For the next 20 years, he lived his life as usual, filmed and played heavy machines. Although it seems to be taking good care of himself, when the media asked him, "Are you happy?" he simply replied, "Maybe you need to be happy, but I don't need it."

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As fans, while we watched his film, while drooling to admire the man so warm-hearted where to find, but in fact, the heart is still secretly for him to look forward to - look forward to him even if he no longer want to give love to anyone, but also remember to love themselves. Therefore, when we see him after such a long period of repair, finally willing to take the hand of another person, finally willing to believe that they can give love, but also worthy of love, how can not be unhappy, how can not bless.

What I've seen in Keinulyva i'm seeing is that even if we go through another big pain, we can always give ourselves another chance. Don't hurry to restore the original appearance in a moment, but also can even with their own melancholy and loneliness to live together well, but in any case do not forget that there is a love of themselves, is not even happy, imperfect themselves, we can love it.

Bless Kinulyvai, and bless you, and love yourself for a little negative, a little melancholy, not very happy. Only then will we have a chance to believe in ourselves again.

Three Kinuliwaquotes take away:

If you have been brutally broken, but still have the courage to be gentle to other living bees, then you're a badass wit h the heart of an angel.

If you've been devastated, but still able to summon the courage to be gentle with others, you're a great and kind person.


Every struggle in your life has shaped you into the person you are today. Be of the be reed for the hard times, they can only make you stronger.

Every setback in the past has made you what you are today. Be thankful for those setbacks, they make you stronger.


Tomorrow isn't guaranteed, so live today!

Tomorrow can never be predicted, so live today!