The China Drop Hit car app caused a sexist backlash in November 2019 following the 2018 sexual assault. Why, in the trial operation statement, a short line of less than 20 words of the addition, will cause public opinion, or even let the president issue an apology?

How dangerous can a late-night taxi be? The events of the past two years, the Chinese car calling app "Drop Travel" (also known as drip-drip, ticking, drip-dwelling, and drop-in rides), have just validated this sentence: taxis are really dangerous.

In May 2018, a female passenger was killed after being sexually assaulted by a driver while riding a drip-drip. In Wenzhou in August of the same year, another woman was killed. Two incidents of driver sexual assault in just three months have led to the decision to get off the shelf to clean up the company's internal processes.

After the rectification, the Drip Windmill issued a statement on November 6, 2019, announcing that it had been widely consulted that some cities would be opened for trial operation by the end of November, but that a note of less than 20 words in the statement had been published, which had sparked much discussion.

From November 20, we will be in Harbin, Taiyuan, Beijing, Nantong and other seven cities on-line trial operation. During the trial operation, there is no information service charge for the 5:00-23:00 (female 5:00-20:00) and the city (within 50 km) for the ride-off platform.

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The statement, "Women 5:00-20:00", makes it clear that the attitude of the ride-hailing roller coaster to women - which can reduce the risk of female murder by reducing the amount of time spent - immediately prompted some netizens to complain that the move was a restriction on women's movement, and pointed out that the logic behind the policy was that as long as the victims did not exist, Then the problem disappeared.

Less than a few hours, public opinion full of wind and rain, drip windmill president Liu Qing in the evening of November 6 in a personal tweet, said that "I am a senior female white-collar, but also feel that the current Windmill product function is not very good for female students", "I implore you to give us more time, we will immediately meet the line windmill product function of the council Welcome to more criticism and suggestions.


The day after the president's announcement, on November 7, the official microblog of the ride-tailed windmill issued an updated statement that would unify service hours for both men and women between 5:00 and 20:00. The "chaos of service time" on the drip-drip windmill seems to have subsided, and the latest statement seems to have dispelled the "gender inequality" rhetoric. But is that really the case?


Let's discuss the logic behind the trial approach and the President's statement.

Men and women use different times and are in themselves a form of condemnation of victims

In the first edition of the statement, released on November 6th, it was clear that the app for female users was limited to 5:00-20:00, three hours less than men, an apparent act of "victim blaming." Because women stay too long and too late outside, they are the only ones who are violating or killing, so as long as women are restricted to their activities and asked them to go home early, they can be protected from victimization.

According to psychologist Melvin Lerner, the reason why people condemn victims so much is actually related to the mentality of "thinking the world is fair and just." When an ordinary person is hurt and violated, it is likely that we will no longer believe that the world is fair - even ordinary people like us will encounter bad things, where is justice in this world?

Therefore, the brain tends to think that the victim must have done something, said something, that it would happen to these bad things, and that the world is still as good as we thought it would be, and nothing has changed. In order to protect and maintain our own perception of the world, we indirectly ignore the fact that the victims have been killed, and we also ignore the true attribution of responsibility, which is to blame for the perpetrators, perpetrators, not the victims.

The first version of the trial operation plan of the Drip Windmill is the product of the mentality of the condemned victims.

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Liu Qing's speech proves that she is not a woman, but is born with a sense of femininity

On the other hand, Liu Qing, president of The Windy Windmill, under pressure from outside public opinion, preemptively posted his opinion on his personal microblog on the evening of November 6th, saying that "the function of the ride-thin product is not very good for female students". But looking closely at the wave of criticism, are we really criticizing the "windmill products" is not working well?

Most of the protests were actually in discussion, and the logic behind the rules of use set by the platform was that there was a suspicion of "gender inequality". Therefore, we can see from this that although Liu Qing is a senior female white-collar class in the workplace, it does not necessarily have a female consciousness of "the pursuit of gender equality".

What women want is never to restrict freedom in the name of "protection". What women want is for society to give equal respect, as well as living space.

From the drip windmill incident to see back to Taiwan, in fact, this kind of "I am for your own good only to limit you" incidents are also emerging. In the past, gender force used to intimidate girls with "night returns"! Talk about women's late-night walking rights, "gender observation" that night, watching the A-movie taxi driver, "for your safety, don't be too late to go home" you think "love girl", in fact, only for the service of patriarchy, and so on, from personal experience, family background and other aspects of discussion:

Do societies really have enough gender equality awareness when we violate women's autonomy and deprive them of their personal freedom in the name of love? Can true gender equality be implemented?

We do not want women's freedom to be restricted, and we do not want men to be labeled as "definitely infringing on others". What we want is the same rights and treatment for all genders. What we want is a truly fairer world, not a fantasy just society.