"Muse only means anything to them, and it doesn't mean to me. To me, I am who I am. The rock legend created Muse Pattie Boyd, who turned two men she loved into photographs. She loved talent, and she could be her own good person, and she could give herself the kind of person who was happy.

It was only later that Pattie Boyd got her name back.

Her title is always long - George Harrison's ex-wife, then Eric Clapton's ex-wife, and the rock legend Muse, Layla, Mynight, Wonderful Tonight, wrote about her.

She's their darling, but Pattie Boyd has what she wants to do, and the title of "The wife of___" can satisfy her. She modeled, and photography, photography as a strong narrative language, she photographed all the beautiful things in her eyes, she filmed George and Eric's heyday.

Swinging also rocked the sixties and seventies, love and freedom bloomed, rebellious lying in the air, all under her lens.

She came to Hong Kong with her photography, and he was a curator, working as a curator, under the title "George, Eric and Me", and she wasn't afraid to tell the story.

Photography, I think it's beautiful.

We interviewed in Hong Kong, about the Admiralty Tower, she wore a blue shaped shirt, her feet with only naughty fur slippers, quite her taste. When she was young, she liked to mix and wear clothes, and now she hasn't forgotten.

"I know that in some tribes in Africa, photography is a soul-grabbing, so it's taboo. But I think photography is, what I see, what beautiful things, I want to stay, remember this time. 」

Askher what she thought of when she was photographing, she said she didn't think much, just think of beauty. She doesn't like to pose for photos, that's so boring, "You see that muscles are crumpled together, the whole person is tight, squeeze out the smile, no, shoot is to take a relaxed look." 」

George and Eric in front of her lens, in high bloom and relaxed, "When I took pictures, George and Eric were very young and beautiful." As she said, she looked naughty, "And then they're old, but I'm not." 」

In her photographic picture, beauty is a determining factor, no formula, just feeling. She said, always around the word Beauty, "I think everyone can feel beauty, right in your heart." She blinked her blue eyes.

They were my men and lovers, and now they're pictures.

People ask her about rock-and-roll gossip. She said one.

The Beatles toured, and she went with them. People held the door for George, and as she passed, they let go of their hands and nearly hit her. But it was polite to call him Mrs. George. Is it gossip? To put it another way, there is no such metaphor in the contemporary era.

"Sometimes people selectively forget respect, especially in the face of fame. She said she wasn't angry, but in those years, in front of whose wife, must have been enough.

She said that in the days of her life, if there was one thing that mattered, it must be responsible for love. "I want to know what love is. Ask her, what is love, she laughs without answering questions, what do you say? Later, she added, love has to do with pure, pure love of one thing.

As a photographer, her love seems to be unbiased, George and Eric on the lens are not in a fight, she seems to leave the best moment with them.

Perhaps at the time, they were young and beautiful, the camera was loving, and George and Eric were her men and lovers. Now looking back, she doesn't have much emotion to drag mud with water, "It's been so long, they've all been my picture." She said she smiled.

Muse only meant anything to them, and for me i didn't

That year, Eric said to George, Brother, confess, I'm in love with your wife. Legendary love triangle, spread for twenty years, they are safe, others seem more embarrassed than they are.

Love them, she is a thousand love, but also attract edifying, but she was interviewed, once admitted to talk ingly, she is not happy.

"At one point, I felt as if I had to be perfect, in line with everyone's imagination, to be a man who had no demands and to satisfy the fantasies of all, a person without his own voice. This is not realistic, no one can fit that "perfect". Now I feel like I can be myself, but it took me a long time, especially longer, to spend it on burying me deep and slowly getting back. 」

The process of finding oneself is a long way around, around a big circle, has been confused, once become someone else, twists and turns, hesitating, and finally back to their own, only to feel at ease.

So i asked her, what do you think of the word "legendary muse", the world needs muse?

"Muse only means anything to them, and it doesn't mean to me. To me, I am who I am. 」

She doesn't hate labels, but it doesn't mean much to her, "I wouldn't say, George and Eric are my muse." I don't have muse, but I have a favorite photographer, Helmut Newton, Cartier Bresson...

Maybe when we look back at those romantic love songs, we'll start to wonder, what people see her is what she really wants to be?

The title of the photograph is "George, Eric and Me", and in the 49th floor exhibition hall of the Admiralty Upper House, Pattie Boyd's head is right in the middle, with a face on his face, George and Eric's picture on the left and right, and the Buddha says - I'm the main body, you're all alive. the journey of life.

So good, maybe one day, we don't have to have muse.

Maybe one day, we say, I am my own muse, need not explain.

Postscript to an interview

In fact, the visit is not long, a full day of travel, Pattie chat about about a little tired, began to knock knuckles. Perhaps she also has music in her heart, do not know whether it will be that song:

Something in the way she moves
Attracts me like no other lover
Something in the way she woos me i don't want to leave her now

You know i believe and how somewhere in her smile she knows
That I don't no need other lover
Something in her style sshows me
I don't want to leave leave now
You know i believe and how

Maybe she doesn't care. She loved talent, and she could be her own good person.

Pattie Boyd, 75, has a girly look on her face, and she's the kind of person who can make herself happy.