For you to pick a play, "when the camellia blooms" in the two relationship topics, talk about the right people together.

The Korean drama "When the Camellia Blossoms" began in mid-September, and the romance and suspense plot has created a discussion every week.

The story from the small town of Lushan, single mother Dong Pao from an early age is an orphan status, she often feel inferior, in the face of criticism from others, often choose to swallow, but with a sense of justice with the police dragon plant love, gradually began to believe that they are valuable.

Kong Xiaozhen plays the heroine Dong Bai, sometimes you look at, do not consciously come to the gas, such as Mingming side has been supporting her dragon plant, but always choose to board a face, alone face difficulties: received the threat message of the murderer, still insist on opening a shop every day to do business; Will only wrong yourself to remain silent.

Then always bow ediase, look low self-esteem, think they are not worthy of love.

Looking back, you may be irritable because, to some extent, it reflects the real us - not believing that you are good enough to love someone, or always alone, unwilling to expose the fragile side in an intimate relationship.

"When the camellia blooms" teaches us two relationship topics, talk about the right people. From the interaction between Dragon plant and Dongbai, we began to know that in the relationship, there must be some unbearable, hundreds of things do not want to say, will be honest all out, and then know, fortunately our life is not full enough, in order to leave you so much space, and so you walk in, tell me that we become better together.

and with people that allows you to raise your head and be yourself

"I often look on the ground when I walk, but this person always lets me walk with my head up, and as long as I'm with this person, I feel like I'm having a good time. 」

The hero of the play, Long Zhi, can always find the good place of Winter Cypress, such as unreasonable guests caught her hand, want her to smile at herself, usually Vinono's she said at this time: "I here to sell wine, you can only buy wine, you can not buy anything except wine." Or received death threats, Dongpao still insiston every day to open a shop, take the same road to buy food, followed by him, good dazzling ah. So he gave her a bunch of flowers every day, asked her not to forget that she had many many advantages.

"He kept saying I was doing well, good, and he made me feel like I was that kind of person. 」

There is no denying that we all have a period of time when we no longer believe in our abilities, especially if there is no way to get anyone to endorse us. Others will point to you and say, Don't be too strong, don't be too weak, don't always pretend to be wronged ah, you have to change the stubborn temper ah all kinds of criticism let you start to doubt yourself.

But yes, yes, when you feel that you are nothing, he can once again let you look up and hold your head, believe how good you are, do not need to change their own for the opinions of others.

And with the people, is to know that in addition to being strong alone, but also timely weak

"I can't pretend to be brave all the time, and it doesn't matter if I run away?" 」

In the play, Longzhi saw through the fear of the winter cypress, clearly dare not alone through the dark underground, but still clenched his fists to walk quickly. He asked her, "If you continue to bite your teeth like this, why should you be ambiguous with me?" 」

We all know that to admit that they are not as strong as the surface, how difficult, afraid that as long as the real vulnerability, not only no one followed themselves, but also may be easily stabbed, so disguised as a thing that can best protect themselves.

But isn't that the case? You know you can choose to run away when you are vulnerable, and there is a bosom that doesn't blame you. So she began to learn to let go of themselves, occasionally fooling is also possible. Exposing your vulnerability represents a kind of trust, learning to be honest about the occasional cowardly self, and does not need to be judged for it.

Although all said that "the camellia blooming time" is a love suspense drama, but more often, we feel that this is how a girl through love, to find their own story - not because of the perfect to be who you, but together, found that you can grow up, grow into a more ideal self. (Recommended reading:Handsome Lady Kong Xiaozhen: If everyone is so beautiful, that's not funny)