Women fans interview He Chaoyi, she is always hard, hard to play music, hard to do their own. She said she didn't want to give up, and if reality didn't accept us, she would build the sky on her own.

Arriving in Hong Kong in the afternoon, take a bus to Admiralty Upper House, Hong Kong is about to go into the night, but just woke up.

The background is high-rise, He Chaoyi spoke, very spiritual look, asked her why she contributed to this Pattie Boyd photography exhibition "George, Eric and Me" to Hong Kong, and as a Hong Kong curator, she said how private, "swinging the sixties, so fun, so free, so free, I'd love to go back. 」

There's a story about George Harrison and Eric Clapton, the ex-husband of Pattie Boyd (who says her ex-husband is fresh, and Pattie is mostly described as the ex-wife of two rock stars), and someone asks why the show is bold. Reflecting the background of the rock age, and before and after the two lovers, spread out the famous love triangle, she said really do not feel, "a woman in that era, the city, admirers, why strange?" I think our generation, sometimes thinking a lot, when they were free and pure. 」

That's a good fit for What He Chaoyi said. Hong Kong City is not only a face, He Chaoyi is also so, everyone knows that she has a gambling king rich father, but she is not willing to do He Jia lady.

Playing Rock, Group Band Josie and The Uni Boys; She loves to play, cares about art, participates in initiatives with business initiatives, and she says things are so good, why not deserve to survive.

So against the night, we chatted about photography exhibitions, music, and Hong Kong.

Our love comes from whispering by biting our ears.

Pattie Boyd says that to describe Josie, she would say she has multiple identities, as an actor, a musician, and a believer in entrepreneur, and he says Pattie is the kind of person who has fun all the way, "every time I see her, I feel that everything is possible, everything is happening." Her senses are open. 」

Cancheng Film Festival, the two people by friends introduced to know, chat a few words, the box opened. Later, when He chaoyi flew to London, Pattie invited me to come to my house and sit down.

"When I got to her house, she was half drunk. He Chaoyi laughed, "She was drunk and gave me some advice from the girls." May see my husband, feel too thin, worried. At that time, Chen Zi-chung only began to recover from serious illness, the face still has a disease. Pattie and Josie bite their ears, the content is quite practical, for example, couples are busy with each other, time to spend on the person they love;

"I just thought, Pattie is living in the sixties, she has seen how many people, live to fall down, live to die, how to die she is clear. Looking at our younger generation, Rocker, she wanted to tell us not to play too crazy. He Chaoyi suddenly a little emotional.

Love, from the bite of the ear whispering. Both of them are concerned about the times, but also want to play seriously, so simply, do something together - so with "George, Eric and Me" Hong Kong, for He Chaoyi, photography exhibition as a powerful medium, she wants to pursue, is the music art of Hong Kong's more open-minded possibilities, bring some hope.

There's a bit of good stuff to share with good friends all over the city.

How much are you willing to sacrifice for what you love?

He Chaoyi spent a lot of time telling us the story of hong Kong rock circle.

And she did feel that Hong Kong's music space continued to shrink, "as if rock can only be sunny, the rest of the heavy rock, metal rock, must become underground." 」

Underground means that the tour venues are few, also not good exposure, rare is the music is not good? "I don't think so, the mainstream music market is so big, point 15% out of it, not too much, we deserve to be successful in the mainstream market." 」

She often hung a pity, sometimes excited, frowning, blurting out of the street, think carefully, if there is no love, will not be angry.

For example, she unfortunately had only one kind of rock; for example, she had seen many outstanding musicians and could only be a companion to mainstream singers; for example, she had to choose whether to pay or dream, and to work part-time to survive. For example, she pity sorry a lot of stories are like this, initially sent a dish, big red, sold better than the first-line singer, so the group members quit their duties, only to find that this is a road not to return.

"Hard work, especially inside hard. You are willing to sacrifice much for what you love to make your dreams come true, and you wonder how you can't survive if things are good enough?

Behind the image of He Chaoyi's hard play, he as a person who loves music, there is a lot of wonder, there may be pain, and she did not want to give up.

"I especially care if we have been happy, enough to have more people happy together, there is no one of our sky. We accept reality and don't accept us, we want to build our own sky. She said this very sincerely, built is a strong word, and is a verb.

He Chaoyi body has such kinetic energy, I hope you live well, it is worth it.

Love and pace aren't just the '60s

"Daddy told me not to be weird.
Mommy wants me to learn to cook.
Good Girls Can't Be Messy" - Josie and The Uni Boys, Good Girls, Word/Fan Xiaoxuan

As the daughter of the gambling king, the label is innate. The label is accompanied by a lot of imagination, and she occasionally plays with the world. Some people say she is playful, did not see that playful behind, love for Hong Kong;

Longing to be yourself, how to be rebellious, I would like to say to her.

She shared her next trip, playing in November, singing in Macau in December, singing with LMF Big Lazy Hall and several Hong Kong orchestras at the end of December, to practice singing, "I picked a LMF song that sounded good, and we changed to Hard Rock, and keep it a secret." 」

She's also the kind of person who is particularly honest with herself, "I don't feel particularly good, but I know when I'm singing well." Play music, may need to be honest, she said hope That Hong Kong's live house more, together to do a wide music culture, regardless of you and me, play together.

Talkback to the photo exhibition, she somewhat envy the era. "I know I don't have Pattie Boyd's power, the beauty and the size, but I want that to be there. We're going to experience that scenery, and I hope Hong Kong is lively. 」

Love and Peace aren't just the '60s. He Chaoyi said, such a year, music can give people a little hope, hope is possible. At that moment, I was a little old-fashioned when John Lennon said that a person dreams, just dreams, a group of people dream, is true. ("A dream you dream alone is only only a dream. A dream you dream dream together is reality." )

Everyone struggles on their own track, and it's all about hoping for better tomorrow.

After talking about the sky, so it's dark. That night, too sad Hong Kong City, I feel a little warm.