"For me, it was a very painful decision. YouTuber Misha, perhaps the first Taiwanese to talk openly about abortion, is the red. In this case, when a woman chooses to speak out about her experience, she gets less empathy and support, but abuse. As women, we don't know if we're going to get pregnant any day than we expected. Do we really have reproductive autonomy in such a social atmosphere?

Recently, YouTuber Misa and Sun Anzo's rumors, the sexual relationship between the two people was hotly debated by netizens, but also the news of "MiSha for Sun Anzo abortion".

On November 09th, Misan clarified and explained the whole story on his personal YouTube channel.

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"It's a painful decision for me not to ask me why I didn't choose to have an abortion instead of having an abortion. - Rice sand

Mishadsaid said she chose to have an abortion because she had no plans to have children. Some netizens criticized her as irresponsible and not for the sake of her children, but in fact, choosing abortion is also a responsible way.

If there is a day, we also accidentally pregnant, choose abortion, not "not for the sake of the child", but we look forward to, the child can be born in the eyes of expectation, otherwise if he has to face a world that is not welcome, do not value their own, how wrong. (Same Show: What do you think of the Heartbeat Act?) We support abortion precisely because of love for children .

When discussing the rights and interests of the fetus, we should also be concerned about the mood and circumstances of rice sand. Today a mother chooses to have an abortion, not to say a word can be carried out in haste, she must also suffer physical or mental torture. (Recommended reading: Ye Yang's essay, after induction: I understand a love, has its fate)

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Some have questioned why not wear a condom when you are not planning to have children?

First of all, we have no way of knowing whether or not the two are wearing a condom at the moment of sexual intercourse; Because, even if you wear a condom or do any contraception, it is still possible to become pregnant. Wearing a condom is one way to engage in security behavior, but does not represent zero risk. (Contraceptive knowledge: Contraception is not just a woman's business!) 13-3 contraceptives you can't understand )

In any case, in this case, rice sand is not expected to become pregnant. Unexpectedly, that is, it was an accident, she had the right to choose whether to have children or not.

Earlier, the referendum proposal that abortion should be performed within eight weeks of pregnancy was a buzz. Proponents argue that abortion is tantamount to infanticide and should be banned, while those who oppose it argue that women's reproductive autonomy should be emphasized.

Misha may be the first Taiwanese to talk openly about abortion, but when a girl chooses to speak out about her experience, she gets criticism instead of empathy and support. In such a social atmosphere, do women really have the option of "reproductive autonomy"?

After the incident, Michal announced on Instagram that she would no longer be a public figure, saying she was "very tired of it." (This article has now been deleted)

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Minogyny culture: open sexual relations - bad women?

In addition to reproductive autonomy, the whole incident behind, there is a more hidden misogyny culture.

Judging from the public opinion trend of the event, most of the attacks fell on the woman. Some have criticized the woman for not loving herself and having sex with multiple people, while others have criticized how she can talk about abortion as "no matter what." (Extended reading: Written after Shirley's death: It's not just acid people who reflect on it, it's also misogyny culture)

What we have seen is that Misha himself made the first film clarification, indicating his position and thoughts, while the man himself did not respond. When Rice sand sand stoics try to speak out about their experience, the public's response is apathy, a sneer, and the belief that "you deserve it anyway".

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When public opinion is in tatts down and the madattack attack on the woman is not a good idea, but few people make sexual moral condemnation against the man, but by criticizing the appearance of the woman to taunt him.

We do not want the public to criticize both sides to be fair, after all, there is no point in comparing "who is worse", "who is worse" and "who is more responsible". Instead, i want to use this event to think further about why, when discussing abortion, contraception, or intimate film outflows, men are often not seen, and repeatedly women have become targets of attack.

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Today's society still has scruples about women talking about sex. Under the patriarchy, a woman whose sexual outlook is open will be regarded as a bad woman;

"The misogynist network gains power by wooing "good women" while punishing the two-handed strategy of "bad women". This is love girl, but also tired of women: how to see through the world to woo and discipline women's two-handed strategy? 》。 Wang Xiaodan.

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The gender scholar He Chunxuan defines "taboo" as "scruples, taboos, taboos and jealousy of other people's lust", and the emotional expression is negative feelings about sexual issues.

The existence of sex is normal;

In the past, women may have been in a state of collective aphasia about "sex";

"How amazing it is that almost no one ever reminds us to pay attention to where your sex is, to remember why it happened, to see its many shapes, dead, or bright. " A History of Sexual Meaning. Zhang also gorgeous.

Some people say that rice sand is "not self-loving" girls, otherwise how "casual"?

According to the Ministry of Education dictionary, "self-love" refers to cherishing and respecting oneself. I think it is precisely because Rice sand is very "self-love", know their own to and do not, know their own ideas, so open up, it is because she is very "self-love", only choose to stand up to understand.

"I think we've had their own, and that's it." - Rice sand

Let us not blame, do not hunt witches, do not do the evil of female culture under the perpetrators. Who ever interacts with whom and who has sex with whom is, after all, a personal choice.

Weary female culture, never only for rice sand, not only once, but every day around you and my side. Gender equality has a long way to go if the misogyny culture under the patriarchy system persists.