After two marriages, singer Cai Qin broke down in tears on the show, saying, "My marriage failed." But maybe it's not a sad thing.

Can't hide the small smile / it's all about expectations and fantasies / What she looks like / Have there been a roll of long hair / and a warm and inclusive heart - "Marrying"

In Lu's "Singing So Beautiful", when the contestants sang Zhang Qingfang and Yuke Li Lin's "Marrying Out", the judge Cai Qin couldn't help but choke, saying, "I am particularly, especially feeling, who does not like to have such a day,......, my marriage failed." She broke down in tears.

Once in the moment you put on a wedding dress, you really believe that you will have happiness, but now she has no secret of vulnerability to let us see, if after that you look back, life is just a combination full of regret, how can you face it?

Pictured: Screenshot from "Singing beautiful like this"

Pictured: Screenshot from "Singing beautiful like this"

"The day full of sweet question marks" but after the red carpet, we didn't finish the marriage

I use the heart of a lifetime / waiting for a lifetime of love / maybe fate / Maybe doomed / I really hope to have more good luck -- "Marrying"

Cai Qin on the program to the contestants said, "Who doesn't want, like you just sang the same, full of sweet question marks that day, wearing a wedding dress, to break into our lives." 」

"I've got it today, it's nothing to do with this,......, I'm at another stage. 」

After two marriages, now 61, she sees young girls on stage, like she once was. And her words "I have nothing to do with this" do not mean that "happiness has nothing to do with me anymore". It's that she knows that you believe in marriage and look at feelings like you do in a certain part of your life; that's something you might never have again.

You know you used to be beautiful, but it's not bad now. It's just a little sorry. You've reached another stage in your life, and you look back and know that some people, they're not keeping up.

Some people just won't keep up with you.

She shows us who has not ever met a person, and believes that happiness will exist like this, but sometimes you walk the red carpet and you may not be able to walk this life together. You may be alone in your present position, counting lost; But when we can all face vulnerability, you want to cry, cry, when the emotions are really revealed, regret may not be really so terrible.

"This world, if you've loved it once, " is the most important thing.

In 1985, Cai Qin married director Yang Dechang, and ten years later he married Yang. She remarried her boyfriend Jason in 1999 but admitted in 2012 that they had split.

In the years that followed, Cai Qin rarely took the initiative to talk about his marriage. Until 2019, she said on the show "Singing Beautiful Like This" that her marriage was a "failure."

She has experienced emotional betrayal and frustration, let her suffer deeply.

But she went on to show us that such "failure" was not really sad.

"It's not a good memory, but it's definitely a wonderful one," she said of the past when she appeared on the Hong Kong show "Star Room" in 2013. She said that in the face of feelings, you have to devote yourself to and pay, "Love cannot be extended, this world if you have loved a roaring, that is great." 」

"I've loved it, and that's the most important thing. 」

So when she now sees a girl singing love songs sweetly in her head again on the show, and can't help but cry, she says, "I've been as sweet and beautiful as you," and it's because she knows how beautiful there is, "So, I'm another stage, and I want to wish you happiness." 」

To this stage, you may lose too much, inexhaustible, and time will eventually let you not only regret.

That wedding song is no longer sung for you, but now you have the ability to bless more lives.