800-word table story, there is no food, will always remind you of a certain memory. Look at a bowl of ramen, how many stories can be carried, and how many master's intentions.

Some foods are like this, and they eat happier meals than they share, such as ramen. Ramen is a person's food, it is true.

Ramen faction many, noodles have a thick surface fine surface, soup has fish, boiled dry, chicken soup, pig back fat guinea pig bone, salt, taste increase, seasonal creativity, ethnic complex, concentration has a strong, faint, ramen master than the professional craft and the love of ramen, a bowl of its own universe, there is no bowl of ramen, and another bowl repeat. Respect a master, so, into the ramen shop, all become disciples.

A bowl of delicious ramen, looks ordinary, the essence of the rich, the powerful master must have poured all his efforts, only then look so light. (Recommended reading:Eat and love is not very delicious sour and spicy soup noodles: there is a dish that makes you feel empowered to take care of others)

Frustrated, I often go to eat ramen, almost deserted and fled like land, into the ramen shop.

Look at that seat design, eight seats, twelve seats, shoulder, you do not want to speak, no one forced you, not chilling, not entertaining, how good, find their own place to sit, is silently for you to end a night hot noodles, many do not disturb. Ramen bowls, with a thousand words. Hold chopsticks, snoring, with a fork burned under the belly of hot soup, added alkaline water surface, while eating, while feeling warm snoring.

Very sensational ah, ramen is their own food, eating ugly and no matter.

Ramen is simply excellent, figurative, down-to-earth, soulful chicken soup. It's more persuasive than any of the golden phrases.

I sometimes have the illusion that ramen shops look like homes, and that you can give yourself a home. You say to yourself that life is hard sometimes, life is good, but you have to be good to yourself, you must love yourself back, otherwise, who has an obligation to be good to you, the day may be a loss to you, but you do not lose yourself. Uncomfortable time, take yourself to eat ramen, that is a possible healing of the future hint, like what strength, to grow out of their own body.

Ramen is not the food eaten at home, that the process of hard stew is too tossy, but it is strange, it gives you a kind of ideal feeling of home - do not attempt to invade you, a little distance of warmth. (Recommended reading:"Eat and Love" mother's mushroom stew chicken soup: leave my city, and then can not find the same taste)

Some people say, good feelings can eat breakfast together, for me, feelings are good enough to eat ramen together. Otherwise, many harm, what emotions, are careless in front of a bowl of pull, completely present.