Emma Watson gave an interview to redefine being single.

Can we redefine a new state of relationship, for example, no longer treating "single" as a state of uninteresting love?

On November 5, British Vogue released an exclusive interview with actress Emma Watson. Now 29, she's also anxious about getting into her 30s, especially when the whole social environment is telling you that 30 is a time to live a stable life.

When the host asked her what she thought at the age of 30, she replied:

"I've been thinking: Why do people make such a fuss about 30 years old? It's not a big deal. But when I reached the age of 29, I suddenly felt: God, I'm under a lot of pressure and I'm anxious. It's all because the subconscious influx makes you anxious, like if you're 30 years old, withno son, no husband and no kids, and you don't put your career in a stable state and you're thinking about something. 」

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It has to be admitted that the environment does feel stressful, especially when a person around him chooses to go into the family, has a stable emotional state and work, and his life has a lot of uncertainty and doubt, but Emma Watson also gives himself a new answer.

There's an emotional state where I'm in love with myself.

"I used to believe in the words "I'm single and I'm happy", and every time I hear it, I think it's coming again. "But now that I'm happy to be single, I call it 'self-partnered', " says Emma Watson.

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We have more or less had such moments, a person to eat dinner, watch movies, shopping, everything is normal, but see the people around the other half, happy smile, you suddenly feel very bad. Every holiday holiday, all kinds of advertising are telling you how to get rid of the bill, how to live a happy Christmas, Valentine's Day, you suddenly feel anxious, you seem to be left behind, no love, no willing to accompany.

You think single ness is bullshit.

But from fear to acceptance, now Emma Watson is even happy with being single, and perhaps that's what it's really going to be about getting into the 30-year-old's door and learning slowly.

The really scary thing is when you choose to tie your self-worth to how others see you.
What gets scary is scary is you s-worth is tied up in what strangers think of you.
- Emma Watson

Emma Watson lets us know that anxiety sometimes, but it's just a moment, can walk with you for a lifetime is ourselves, so we begin to slowly accept to live with ourselves, embrace all the instability, you enjoy every morning to night, for themselves to spare a place, no matter what you do, it is happy.

Then you gradually know that there is a state of affection, Is I and my own love, and I do not need to explain to whom.

Photo: Emma Watson IG