Menstruation becomes a movie theme! Adapted from the super popular Japanese manga," "Monthly visit menstrual sauce" pointout a lot of girls only understand the menstrual moment, come and see!

If menstruation becomes real and can talk, what do you want to say to it?

The Japanese super-popular network comic "Monthly Moon Sauce" adaptation of the same name will be released in December, the network click more than 20 million comics, because the point let sits every girl feel good "the time of menstruation", including such as the severely beaten stomach pain, feeling inexplicable low want to cry and so on. The scheduled behavior has caused a stir in Japan.

Before the film was released, let's take a look at "Three Things Every Girl Feels When Menstruation Comes"!

(Inside out of the thunder, please take it with peace of mind)

1. Menstrual, mood is particularly irritable, the body is also prone to fatigue

Photo a photo of menstrual sauce, which is visited once a month

Every girl has a sense of the first menstrual trifle, must be related to emotional ups and downs? Physical unavoidable discomfort, feelings of pain, easy to further cause emotional impact. Many times, clearly just a "slightly unpleasant" small matter, but as long as encountered in the menstrual period, it is particularly annoying, even want to cry! (Recommended reading: January little red box, accompany you to fight the bad mood of menstruation)

2. Menstruation, the hardest thing is clearly very uncomfortable, can not take it as any excuse

Photo a photo of menstrual sauce, which is visited once a month

Even if you're no longer feeling well, you'll still have to get up to class, work, and do housework (of course, if you're really uncomfortable, you're encouraged to lie down in bed and rest).

It's just that girls can hardly use menstruation as any excuse unless they can't stand the pain. The movie trailer also shows the heroine's menstruation suddenly visiting at work, but is treated by the male boss white-eyed. (Recommended reading: 5 reasons why you should rest on the first day of menstruation)

Menstrual ah, we also want to seriously do things. Please, every time you visit, will you be a little lighter?

3. Menstruation comes, it's painful every time, but it doesn't come and it's worrying

Menstruation, it seems that girls have to go through a "nightmare" once a month, but in fact, it is not so bad. Sometimes it does not report on time, but also make people worry about their physical condition in turn!

Photo a photo of menstrual sauce, which is visited once a month

So, menstruation for girls, probably a "painful, but still need to meet fixed" existence.

"Monthly visit menstrual sauce" tells the story of every girl absolutely have a sense of menstruation, and the main actor second-order Tang Fumei also said: "This film is to explore the physiological period of women, but not a work that pits men and women against each other, but to remind everyone, even if you can not 100 percent understanding, but also try to learn to understand others, Don't use your own prejudices to look at other people's pain, hope that both women and men can see. 」

Photo a photo of menstrual sauce, which is visited once a month

Discussing menstruation through popular texts such as comics and movies is not about asking for it, and women don't need it. We keep talking about it in order to let everyone know that we should know more about our bodies and find ways to get along with them, from the mind to the body, to take good care of ourselves.

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