Interview with the founder/ceo of Goto Theatre Lin Lingyu, in this non-one-two, is not clear-cut society, always feel that "diversity" this topic is far from us, but she uses her own way, goto's way, to interpret the daily multi-integration.

Perhaps you have not walked into the theater, but some names, you listen to the familiar, such as senior actors Jin Shijie, Gu Baoming, Li Liqun, singers Zhang Yusheng and Cai Qin.

Their names point to Taiwan's Goto Theatre. You can't replace it with anyone's name in a place where there are countless powerful actors, because Goto has never been willing to stick to the same steps.

ART 2003 Jin Shijie (from left), Gu Baoming, Li Liqun. Photo: Supplied by the Goto Theatre

For example, in "Freshwater Town" by Zhang Yusheng in 1993, people say that the Goto Theatre is a success, and later as long as the various small-town series are done well. 'It's not the diversity we want,' said Lin Lingyu, founder/ceo of Goto Theatre.

So for 31 years, Lin Lingyu didn't let the Goto Theatre have any chance, only to stay on the repeat success, so far, we still can't use the single word to depict the goto, which is exactly what they want, let the fruit to become plural, become a multi-faceted look.

That day interview with the founder/ceo of the Goto Theatre Lin Lingyu, with a lot of heart and soul, after all, the drama this road has not been too easy, and we want to talk about multi-integration, which side of the collision, which side fell. But where the goto or where there is a wall, where to hit, walking also after 31 years, how not easy, but more worthy of applause for themselves.

Lin Lingyu, founder/CEO of Goto Theatre. Photo by Renee Chen

You have to listen to another voice before you can find an intersection, and you can reach a consensus.

Drama has evolved into a modern, as a minority art form, but Lin Lingyu explains that we have forgotten that the essence of play is "play", and that people interact with each other to make emotional and spiritual exchanges, so that life experience and truth can be passed on. Like the game of home wine as a child, people from different cultures have experienced it: "When people have not learned a lot of languages, they need to express their emotions through imitation and close ness, and that's the essence of drama." 」

A drama niche? In fact, it encompasses the life experience of human history.

"In fact, from the creation of the fruit to the present, All I want to do is break the limit, that is, diversity. So for 31 years, gotos theatre has tried to find talent from different industries, from creation to presentation, breaking down cooperation only with established people in drama, such as singer Zhang Yusheng's "Freshwater Town", she firmly said: "Must combine different life experiences, in order to bring moving things to people." 」

Freshwater Town. Photo: Supplied by the Goto Theatre

Freshwater Town. Photo: Supplied by the Goto Theatre

"In the past, creators would lock themselves up and practice as well as do what they wanted to do, " Lin stressed. " 」

Drama must be environmentally sensitive, the same as the plight and care of contemporary people. So Lin Lingyu at every meeting of the fruit, will constantly ask people how to think, and even asked, "What do your relatives around you think?" 」。

"Even if they're not theatre people, they're another voice in the environment. "What is their intersection with us?" What do people who don't have intersections think? Breaking the consensus that is just the same group of people together, we have to step out to find more meta-consensus. 」

If you want to break the limit, the environment will stop you first.

But "breaking the limits" is not easy. Even though the Goto Theatre has been in its 31th year and its influence has spread overseas, Lin Lingyu can't help but say that the environment is fraught with resistance.

Since inviting Tsai to perform musicals in the early days, Goto has been subjected to all kinds of criticism: "We have been attacked by almost all of Taiwan's theatres, groups, and even called to discourage them in a friendly tone," she wondered. 」

Ke Lin Lingyu has a strong spirit, the play should be for the audience to create, when the audience feel scare barren, life has a threshold of not going past, the theater should be able to give them something.

And then what? Cai Qin's performance of "Angels running the road" and "Shanghai at Night", respectively, set the best record for the first edition of the Goto Theatre, and we saw a variety of talents bring good results.

"Love The Night in Shanghai." Photo: Supplied by the Goto Theatre

The Angels of The Run. Photo: Supplied by the Goto Theatre

I can't help but wonder, is it possible to create diversity in an increasingly undivided, non-black-and-white discussion environment?

"This is a transitional period. History is a process of constant change, inclusion, and reorganization, and therefore human progress, and we must put ourselves at a certain height to see history. "If you put your consciousness at a certain level, you will see not just in Taiwan, not just in 2019, but in the past hundred years or even a thousand years of history," she said. As long as there is this concept, will not only live in the present, emotions are easy to be provoked by various events, into a double-eye. 」

Lin Lingyu laughs, just as sometimes think back to a year or two ago impulse, will feel funny. Put yourself on a high level and look at the emotions and angles of things more comprehensively.

If pluralism is the inevitable development of history, why should we not follow down?

I asked her later, what is the need to talk about pluralism? She told a Mozart story instead.

"Mozart was exiled because he was ostracized by other musicians. But were the musicians who ended up pushing him out and keeping him alive in the court? The reason he heard Mozart's music was because he was the one who really evolved. Despite a lifetime of ups and downs, every place, the new musical style is incorporated, and the last person to remain in history is him, he is the representative of diversity. 」

Diversity may be so reflected in all sides of life, take all good and bad, pain and joy, sadness and happiness, reflected in the theatrical performance, so we will find that there have been not to go through the threshold, hundreds of years ago, and this is the process of life must go: "the audience through a play, the height pullup, instead of being trapped by what's going on in the present, and being resonant. 」

It is because of her persistence in diversity, now can see a variety of moving dramas, from "Running Angels", "Night of the Night Shanghai", "Green Island Little Night Song", to the recent cooperation with Unilever Dream Theatre "Flying to Dreams", we are in the Goto Theatre to the family to the community of the care.

Lin Lingyu's speech process is very gentle, the Goto Theatre is also, like a ship flowing with the tide of history, perhaps the process goes hard, but ultimately can go long.

It is time for our time to redefine pluralism. Pluralism is without a framework, and any human life experience should be accommodated and understood, and it is possible to find multiple intersections in different opinions, creating dialogue and sparks.

Together, we have diversified this sea and walked wider.