Tantric's slow sex, with orgasms as the end of sex, but in doing so, you'll experience more of an unwanted emotional experience.

Couples late at night want to bring you closer, closer intimacy. Together for a long time, the feeling of each other's heart slowly less, sex may also be just a routine form.

Indeed, there is a person who can beat the heart faster every day, a lifetime of passion. But dear, slow down, will not be more boring.

In Europe and the United States has been popular for a while "Tantric", slow, it says, don't hurry, don't always look at the end, feel every inch of sex perception. Hey, you'll get happiness and heart dynamics like never before.

What is Tantric a Michelin-starred package in sex?

The word Tantric comes from Sanskrit Tantra, which in ancient Hindu customs meant the weaving and expansion of energy. Mind-to-mind adjustment through meditation, breathing, etc. It believes that every activity in life will be combined with personal consciousness and, in turn, more energy will be generated. Of course, it contains sex. Tantric emphasizes that by creating physical and mental connections, deeper and intense intimacy and sexual excitement can be created.

Tantric focuses on a very slow sex process, focusing on the simultaneous breathing, eye contact and touch between the two. Orgasm is not the goal, what you have to do is prolong all pleasant perceptions and feel the deeper and deeper connections between them.

"Tantric will help partners reimagine their sexual relationships and find new ways to connect their bodies," said Diana Richardson, a writer who studies Tantric. It can also be used to treat anxiety that includes premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, inability to orgasm, or improve sexual relationships.

If the pursuit of fast-reaching orgasms is like takeaway fast food, Tantric is like enjoying a premium Michelin-starred package - it's designed to be a slow tasting, and for every mouthful, it's a thrilling and joyful sensory experience. So, take a deep breath, are you ready to start?

What should Tantric do?

Tantric is not a goal-oriented nature, so you don't really have to work any new skills. The trick is to "use your imagination to bring yourself and each other to a climax". Before you begin, it is recommended to turn off the lights in the room and concentrate on each other's breathing, heartbeat, and touch. And, your heart.

First, away from the bed, reset the imagination, with the sitting sex style to start.

Always having sex in bed? Today, let's change places away from that bed! British sex therapist Louise Van Der Velde says bedtime can easily trigger your sleep system, and you subconsciously pursue fast sex. So perhaps try to find a comfortable floor and face-to-face (if you're sitting on his lap, it works better) and try to sit on each other for sex. Press your body against each other and let skin touch promote greater intimacy.

Two, adjust your breath, think about it, and then take control of it.

Breathing is one of the greatest bridges that bind the mind to the body, Richardson notes. Try to gaze into each other's eyes and place your left hand in the area of his heart, as does his hand, to coordinate each other's breathing for at least two minutes. When he exhales, you exhale and feel the sense of integration of life between each other. Doing continuously, your breathing will be able to penetrate deeper into the abdomen and you will be more likely to trigger other spiritual links.

Third, keep eye contact and confirm each other.

In the process, you may enter into other sexual fantasies, or you may be able to close your eyes because of the input. However, Tantric encourages you to spend more time making eye contact with your partner. It is not a guideline, but a tool. The eye is the gateway into the soul, and it will help you to know that your spirits are coming close to each other at the moment, and that you will be closer.

Four, to touch, usually you will not explore the part.

I know that you may already be well aware of each other's sensitive belts. Today, however, put down those places and try anything you haven't touched, or is particularly tight -- head, shoulders, waist, softenany still tense parts of your body. The purpose of this is to get you completely relaxed and to turn on your whole senses, which will help prolong the sex.

Five, let the orgasm beyond the climax: the more excited you will be slower.

Next, take a focus -- try to slow things down when you feel like you're approaching your orgasm. At that moment, we usually breathe faster, but if you relax your stomach at the moment and slowly take a deep breath into your abdomen, continue to do so, your orgasm will last longer and become stronger. As Richardson says, when you have the consciousness that you're eating a meal, the slower and more you eat. Feel everything consciously, and the more surprises you get.

If Tantric has one tip, it's that no matter how slow you realize you're moving, try to be a little slower than that. Discarding the traditional sex process quickly ignites desire, and the formula that quickly falls -- that makes your body tired and can produce sad emotions.

What Tantric wants is not the wind, but the deep and wide, and it is always possible to go deeper, more excited, and happier. It will tell you that your relationship, your body can have a union, more than you think you can't stop.