Idol's love story, in fact, and the average person is not much different. As long as you can do some small things together, is the simplest happiness. After four years of dating, how does the more you love the more you like and how the more you like and how you maintain your relationship with Dawn?

The idol's love story was made public last summer.

As brokerage firms initially imagined, public love didn't make the two disappear in South Korea's entertainment scene. With a frank attitude towards love, they left their old owners and stayed with each other, working together, while also keeping their promise to their fans: to return to the stage with better work.

So in November of this year, they chose to return to the stage on the same day, with their new work, FLOWER SHOWER, AND MONEY, reappeared in front of fans. They're Ya and Dawn, an idol couple who are honest and true to their fans. (Recommended reading: Love Quotes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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In love, it's not easy to respect each other, but I respect him.

In August 2018, Shea began a public relationship with her brother-in-law, Dawn, and began slowly posting photos on the social software to share the sweet routine. And on November 5, 2019, the couple's new song co-launched, they spoke publicly for the first time about their relationship and how they get along.

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"In love, it is not easy to have a respect for each other's heart, but ya let me have a lot of respect. Dawn sat on the stage, staring at the ground ahead, holding the microphone, hesitating and slowly uttering the sentence. In a relationship, respect for the other person is basic, but the "respect" that exists between lovers is rarely valued. Although the specifics of what made Dawn so respectful, he did not say, but the eyes are full of "I respect you, my lover.""

Yaya says the seemingly cold Dawn actually gives herself a lot of power. "He is a man of trust who gives me positive energy and strength, and although he doesn't seem cold, he is my strong backing. She always maintains her enthusiasm, but also wants to have a place to rest at ease. Now we see that Dawn's presence and companionship is the source of power to settle down. (Recommended reading: I Love You Is Instinct: 23 Moments to Make You Understand Love)

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More than one person's strength, more like two people's soft

In order to promote the new song, the two also recently together on the Korean variety show "Knowing the brother", mentioned the impact of public love on their own, Ya said: "I really do not matter, but Dawn is very guilty, we did not voluntarily open, but in any case, since it has been made public." I decided at the time that I was taking responsibility for it, and whether the fans were supportive or cheered on me, I had to put more thought into my work and show a better side. 」

"Plus I've been in this industry for many years, but he's just getting started and he's known because he's in a public relationship, and i'm sorry. I know him very well in music and hope that more people will see his musical talent, and I also think that together we are entering a new beginning. 」

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Their acquaintance, from the beginning is popular idols and practice students, decided to work together, said that there is no contradiction struggle is a lie. But if you decide not to be together, against their own wishes, it is also a lie. Since they do not want to deceive themselves, why not try to work together to overcome the future life of the contradictions and struggles? As Dawn said at the start of the show, "I'm actually a little shy and hesitating for a long time to come on the show, but two people might be better off than one person." 」

Two people may be better than one person. As idols, in the flower world, they are actually the same fear, afraid of no one to see, afraid of no one to support. But if there is a person who can feel with themselves willing to go hand in hand, is it possible, is it no longer so afraid? Maybe it's possible to gain strength from each other and move on?

From the sweet eyes of their four years of dating, I think the answer is yes.

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Ya and Dawn teach us three relationship lessons:

  • In love, find each other's advantages of "respecting"
  • Have faith in each other and be able to walk through the highs and lows of life together
  • Don't be stingy to give each other praise and support

Let's take a look at their new work!