YouTuber's wedding photos of the internet's red-hot Tyla are a trance. Thai spicy high-pitched shine, partial met a low-key husband, always insist on not showing face. Some people say, so reluctant to appear in public, or love? Seriously, love never has to prove to whom to show. Our love, but there is you and me, toward the same distance.

This year is Taiwan's same marriage year, the clouds see the day, the sun is shining, the rainbow can finally be comfortable with the face.

Net-a-Porter and YouTuber, who accepted her boyfriend's proposal on her 30th birthday. On November 13th, he released a wedding photo of the two men, which caused a surprise and a trance.

Photo: Ty Spicy Tyla

Thai spicy personal characteristics, very distinct. He shines high- and high-pitched, crying and laughing, daring to love and hate. He likes fashion, the pursuit of beauty, from clothes to home is not sloppy.

On the other hand, he met his low-key husband.

Whether it's in past films or this wedding photo, Thai's husband insists on not showing up or hitting a mosaic.

Photo: Ty Spicy Tyla

After the wedding photo was released, I received a lot of congratulations. At the same time, there are netizens questioned, see Thai hot husband so hard to hide on the mirror, very worried about their feelings.

In this regard, Thai spicy but not worried at all.

'Both of them have made compromises in this relationship, ' Mr. Tai said. At first, Tai Spicy even can't imagine her husband willing to accompany him to take this set of wedding photos, so he is willing to take a step back and let her husband show up the way he wants.

"Love a person is not how much to do to show others, more importantly, every day and detail, how much consideration and care you have about each other." - Thai Spicy

Photo: Ty Spicy Tyla

Maybe the others seem worried. We think, this is not the most comfortable love?

Don't have to meet who's expectations, don't have to be a man and a woman, no reluctance, no fear. We're all right, we're all right, you're there. Without a relationship, it's immaculate. On the road of the son's hand, there may be some pit scars, perhaps not so flat, but since I am with you, I am willing to be brave.

"This is our love, each other for each other to step back, get a little bit also lost a little, but at least we are holding hands in the same direction!" - Thai Spicy

Photo: Ty Spicy Tyla

Like the Thai hot body this body "wedding dress" - why wedding dress, why suit, since the relationship has a variety of appearances, the dress and why not.

Photo: Ty Spicy Tyla

It is more important than anything to make oneself.


Our love, is in front of you, I do not need to fear, but can be safely themselves.

Photo: Ty Spicy Tyla

Congratulations to Thai Spicy and her husband! I wish you a happy new marriage and happiness.

Photo: Ty Spicy Tyla

I wish all those who love you so much that they can have a family.