Contemporary dating unit. Rather than committing, we want to record the moment of love, let's go on a date first? Pisces-style love is the equivalent of true happiness only when expecting you to arrive.

(Look at the previous article:"Dating first" Cancer love: if you want to love me, know me first)

The fox said to the little prince, If you come at four o'clock in the afternoon, I will begin to feel happy from three o'clock. The closer I get, the happier I feel. By four o'clock, I had been restless. I will find the price of happiness.

For Pisces, such waiting moments are especially important. They are particularly good at it.

Go to a place where you are good at finding the most beautiful city in the world, and in a city where you enjoy the most beautiful moments, talk about a love, you are patient with a deep kiss, a focused hug, a good-looking smile. Every time you meet someone, if you think he is that person, you are willing to put all the most romantic things you have ever seen, to him.

You often think that the end of the world is close, maybe I will only meet you once. Maybe we can only love until today. People say it's impractical, but it's the most practical relationship for you, as if it's the only way to think.

Because few people know that you are closer to love than anyone else, but in fact, nothing can really keep you. You don't say I love you easily. You are the vagrant of Love. You tend to feel happy, but because you are so close to all the soft things that you make a certain part of you, too, very hard. You know he can be here, or he can't be here. Even if you just expect this encounter to happen, you've got the same amount of happiness as you really have.

You remember the fox saying to the little prince, We should have a ceremony.

"What is a ceremony?" 」

It is about making a day different from other days, and making one moment different from other moments.

And for this day, you will wait, patiently wait, feel the sound of each other coming. He hasn't arrived yet, you've got a weeping position.