800-word table story, there is no food, will always remind you of a certain memory. Always appear in the New Year at the dinner table buddha jump wall, in fact, symbol, this year we have a very good, next year will also be good oh!

I used to look up the dictionary for the Buddha to jump the wall, really, Buddha, jump, wall.

Buddha jumpwall is a very strange kind of food, I have always felt that what is delicious to the Buddha must also jump the wall. Is the reason, when small still dare not venture to eat, always feel not my generation of things.

It is said that the Buddha jump wall originated in the Qing Dynasty, Fuzhou, is a banquet cuisine, mountain treasure with seafood - chicken, duck meat, hoof, ham, sea cucumber, fish belly, shrimp meat, abalone, plus dozens of kinds of flavoring, into the soup, poured into Shaoxing wine, with a slow fire, five to six hours, full of labor. (Recommended reading: The taste of reunion!) The first time i help edgy is to taste)

Buddha jump wall as a kind of cuisine, must be prepared in advance, must be luxurious rare, must be endless, that materials and labor, has shown that this is rich people's dishes, there is such a little glitzy meaning. If there is a buddha on the table jumping wall, it will be grand, said this year is very good, more than to entertain guests, more than to have a full meal.

In the modern New Year's Day moment, family reunions and banquets in the restaurant will often point to the Buddha jump wall, (usually if it is not Buddha jumpwall, or the old hen pickled fresh, probably our family's custom.) The waiter always holds a big pot, mouth shouting careful iron, solemnly put down, and the children, must first respect a few bowls first to the elders of the family, Agong Ao, mom and dad, and then the children's turn.

Buddha jump wall is long and orderly cuisine, but also the end of the harvest of the dish, eating, people feel rich. I often can't tell if I like the taste of Buddha jumping wall, or buddha jump wall gives the impression.

But I also feel that when the Buddha jumps the wall, often can feel a real rich, that is - the whole family reunion, may come home from all directions, take the car back, the plane flew back, from the alley turned a corner, in short, sat into a round table, a person took a bowl, drank a mouthful, in order to see the pot Buddha jump wall, satisfied with the moment of no words to say Anyway, everyone is here, everyone goes home, so we can rest assured.

It seems that what to say is redundant. I often feel that how to order the annual dishes, order what, how to match, seems to be more varied than the new year table, year after year as the dialogue, but also more temperature a little. (Recommended reading: Delicious Recipes: Chef at my house, a bean-petal fish called Love)

That pot on time on the New Year's Day arrived at the table of the Buddha jump wall, gas, has explained that this year we have a good time, next year also please more advice.