Lin Zhiling is the kind of woman who always believes in love and keeps love, and we also see love as she believes, and cares for her. Such faith and persistence, how can one not send her blessing.

On November 17, 2019, Lin Zhiling and AKIRA's wedding ceremony made people all over Taiwan cry red-eyed.

Some people say, watching Lin Zhiling get married is as moved as to see her daughter get married. Others said that listening to Lin Zhiling read out the wedding vows, as if to see his sister finally get happiness as excited. Others said that the wedding choice in Tainan, the city government also cooperatewith with the road closure, there is a "marriage is to be lively" Sense of Taiwan's culture, feel the strong family warmth.

My sister got married and the family was happy.

Photo: Lin Zhiling Weibo

I'm not afraid of the waves, I just want to flow long with your fine water

Lin Zhiling has spoken to the media in the past about his view of marriage, noting that "some people think that marriage will change life and get married, but for myself, I want to marry in order to like someone and want to be with him." (Recommended reading: Lin Zhiling "finally" married? Marriage is a choice, not a woman's lifelong event.

There is a kind of sister, is to see through the world, not willing to give in to whom, a station out will be the whole sister, but there is a sister, is the heart of hope and fantasy, there is a girl long live in the body, do not give up the pursuit of expectations of the sister. And Lin Zhiling's belief and pursuit of love may be more of the latter. In Tainan Wu's Zongzong, where the ceremony was held, she held her oath and choked slightly:

Dear Liangping, here carry the memories of my parents, thank you for willing to take my hand so warmly, back to this origin, from here, start, build a family.

We have known each other for eight years, I think it must be the fate of the arrangement, let us walk together. Thank you for letting me believe in love, let me have the courage to accept love. I am willing to face every unknown of the future with you, all the good times, adversity, good, bad, I will accompany you to spend, I hope that when we are old, we can also hold hands.

I believe that love is fearless, I am not afraid of any shock waves, hope is a long stream of fine water, we walk together very late, the rest of life there are many good scenes, the rest of your life please take more care, my happiness is, and you are together.

I love you, Liang ping.

She once said that she thought that as long as she tried to believe in love, love would one day take care of herself. She is the kind of woman who always believes in love and keeps love, and today we see love as she believes, and cares for her. Such faith and persistence, how can one not send her blessing.

Photo: Lin Zhiling Instagram

When you're sad, I'm the first to wipe your tears

At the wedding, Lin Zhiling also prepared a letter to parents, referring to her mother's support for himself, Lin Zhiling emotional said: "When I am most at a loss, my mother has been telling me that you will be good, will certainly be good, you will be absolutely good, she became my heart, let me breathe continue to have energy, can optimistically return to their present." (See for the full text:"Mommy, you are my heart" Lin Zhiling wedding touching family book: Thank you, let me believe that I have the strength to become a family)

Xu is the mother's feelings to the deep, Lin Zhiling read to the emotional, once put his head up, and strive not to let the tears fall. At this point, AKIRA said nothing but put her around her waist, and then never put it down. Then silently took the toilet paper out of her pocket and wiped the tears from her face.

At yesterday's (November 17) ceremony, AKIRA also said to Lin Zhiling slowly with a slightly Japanese-like Chinese: "We are really a couple, thank you for believing in me, I will make you the happiest person in the world." 」

In the past, her mother was Lin Zhiling's heart, so that she could get through the low tide and breathe again. And we can imagine that in the future, AKIRA might be Lin Zhiling's hands, and when she cries, someone will use those hands to gently take on all the emotions, and then tell her, it's all right, everything will be all right. When she is sad, he will be the first to catch her.

Why are we so excited about Lin Zhiling's marriage? Probably because, we also so sincerely believe in love.

In an age when everything is fast and not blinking, some people think it is impossible to "spend a lifetime waiting for someone who really knows their own". You, who have believed so in the past, are now less convinced. But now, Lin Zhiling waited, you began to think, maybe one day, you will wait.

Lin Zhiling and AKIRA Joint Statement:

Very happy to share this happy news with you! Today is the wedding of AKIRA and Zhiling, and once again thank you to all of you who have supported us since the announcement.

AKIRA and Zhiling often remind each other not to forget their first thoughts, so they chose this meaningful place to hold the wedding.

Memory of childhood, is Zhiling and brother relatives and children shuttled in the mother's hometown of Tongtang trail of spring, summer, autumn and winter, this place carries the happy time with the family, but also Zhiling's parents full of memories of missing.

So AKIRA offered to cross culture and manners to hold weddings in Zhiling's parents' hometown, and in Tainan, where she was rooted. At this very important moment, as children most hope to be able to review laughter with parents, so choose Tainan, each other will hold each other's hands, together from here to create a warm family belonging to two people.

Love, dreams, happiness and courage, in the days to come more full of energy to give back to everyone in need; Also heartfelt thanks again to every one of our blessings you and you, really very much love everyone, but also hope that we do not give up to create happiness.

AKIRA Zhiling