"Good night." We don't fall in love, we don't have sex, we just want to fall asleep on your body temperature. In your arms, like returning to the mother, to find a sense of security. And I'm addicted to your hug. Why does sleeping bring happiness? Relationship psychology, take you to look at the thousands of forms of modern dating.

The weather turned cool, the rain silk brought cold, gradually feel the winter atmosphere. You hide in the quilt, curlup into a clump, can rely on only their own body temperature.

At this time, good want to have a person, from behind to embrace themselves, two people sleep together.

"Hold." / Only our time / Say to you / Fierce everyday / As if there is no need to hug / Around you / And recover weakness - hug. Lin Wanyu.

Sleeping, also known as Cuddling. Whether it's face-to-face, two people hugging each other to sleep, or letting him surround you from behind, and go to sleep, it's a good fit for the beginning of sleeping.

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Opening community sites such as DCARD or PTT also shows some people having a "sleeping" need.

We don't have sex (and perhaps we don't kiss), we just want to rest on someone's body temperature and sleep with peace of mind interlaced with each other's smells. (Same-on-the-spot:"Single Diary" flirting comfortably, because you don't have to be alone in love)

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Modern dating, more ways, less restrictions. For the imagination of lust, more and more change, we can finally see the relationship of various appearances.

Relationship Psychology: Why Do We Like To Sleep?

Why do you feel happy when you sleep, neither fall in love nor have sex?

Touch is a way of communicating emotions. A study by the American Psychological Association has found that "touch" promotes emotional communication between strangers. (Same Show: Flirting Psychology: Why Does "Head-scratching" make you move? ) )

According to the academic journal Archives of Sexual Behavior, "embrace" can create a good relationship between two people, and if you have a hug later in sex, it can also help to increase their sexual and relationship satisfaction. (Extended reading:"Warm storage makes you more addictive than having sex" Couples Late Night: Swaddling's Sex-Style Sleeping Method stowd between partners)

Psychologist Stephanie Pappas says oxytocin is known as the "embrace hormone." When we hug others, we release oxytocin and make us feel love. And the more you hug someone, the closer you feel and the closer you're connected to him.

To sum up, like to sleep, he is still eager to build a sense of intimacy with others, but to choose a way not to enter a stable relationship to practice.

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Talk about "sleeping": Maybe we just don't want to be alone

Sleeping this thing, in fact, is quite wonderful. Hugs can be said to be intimate moves, not to mention the two of them hugging and sleeping together.

Some people wonder if it's really possible to sleep. All lying in the same bed, don't have sex, is that possible? (Recommended reading:"Who says sex is separated, there is no love?" "Seasickness from a Psychological Perspective)

The answer is wise, but of course it is possible. Yearning to sleep means that we desire to be close to a person, but reject a romantic or sexual relationship with him.

If you want to ask someone to sleep, it is recommended that you negotiate the boundaries and principles in advance, and remember that you will always have the right to refuse.

Modern life is fast, and many pleasures come from the patchwork of small luck. Perhaps dating patterns or relationship patterns such as sleeping give us another solution to the search for solace.

I just thought of /never coming back to my friends / and forever / never / never come back to my loved ones / "Hugs." "Hold. /You don't know this / But you/give me a hug - hug. Lin Wanyu.

It's cold, or try it tonight (laughs).