Women are out of the box and Zoey Kao shares the fun of hand-billed and recording small things with you.

Growing up, we desperately pursue a perfect and extraordinary life, but really let us heart is remembered, are a small matter.

- Shani Chen

She is Zoey Kao, a former visual designer and former travel editor, and now the founder of Zoe's Ideal Life Design and the audio host of "Zo-Tea Room", who shares her learning experiences and trends in the internet industry in the hope that everyone will be able to live their ideal life. She used to do a lot of work, about the day, about life, about time management, she thought so.

(Writing, edited by Zoey Kao)

Out of the community, every day there are plans to row down the sea waiting for you to implement, many times a careless, will forget to have a good day, in fact, this year has been explosive and wonderful, but if not go back to look at the previous IG photos or hand accounts, will really accidentally forget a few months of time, What happened was an exclusive memory that was worth sealing.

I remember i once read a poem written by Chen Shanni on a bottle of tea in the ice room:

I often think of my mother washing clothes in the backyard when I was a child.

While singing, the higher the song, the higher it broke the tone.

Sister in the lower grades of primary school,

When I got to school, I remembered to forget my bag.

The joke has been told for years.

Good end walk on the way home,

Only I wore my uniform for a persistent clumsy practice slip.

Growing up, we desperately pursue a perfect and extraordinary life,

But what really makes us remember is a small thing.

Hand accounts make me do things more efficiently, methodically, and also record the absurdity, madness, and love and hate of my various stages (?) Think seriously that you have a good life, because it is the best proof.

Until now, I still used to using handwritten hand accounts, too much electronic records. While the digital age makes everything cloud-based, what's really interesting is that the little things, little ideas, or conversations I'm really like to be recorded are still used to writing it in hand. (Recommended reading: Is the little thing bad? TED Speech: It's these small, impossible choices that determine who you are.

Photo: Zoey Kao Ideal Life Design Instagram

With the end of the year approaching, I was lucky to receive a hand book from a woman fan, the content design is very playful and very intimate, very suitable for friends like me like to write.

Photo: Zoey Kao Ideal Life Design Instagram

In particular, the celebrity quotes left in the corners of each page, and the thought-provoking questions (how are you today?). Don't forget to have a good rest) really like I'm going to design something XD

Everyone is very busy, and that's why everyone needs to be reminded that every day is important, and every day is important. (Recommended reading: Hand-billed out-of-box cat-tailed cat: all the days you've walked through have a bonus)

Photo: Zoey Kao Ideal Life Design Instagram

You everyday life is your whole life, live it loud and let it shine.

Work hard is to live a good life, don't forget to live a good life.