Women fans open the box, let Ao-hand hand with you to share the pen lover's hand account use heart!

Some people, some words, you have seen a look, it is difficult to forget.

"Aache Handwriting", tracked by 170,000 followers on Instagram, is an impressive, unforgettable hand-writing artist. He even made his own handwriting as a computer typeface (currently for personal collections, no trafficking), in the end, acid opponents write what insist? He often used to write with a pen, after receiving the invitation of the woman's fanbook, and the opponent account how do you feel?

Take you to see Aric's hand account open out of the box right now!

(The following text is written, edited and collated by Ao.

Every year to this time is to wait and see next year's hand account days, the former I will always go through the major book bureaus and blogs to help themselves pick a book next year's hope. Last year secretly bought the first version of the women fans hand account, very happy this year women fans to do better and more texture, this to share to everyone! (Recommended reading:2020 Woman's Handbookcopy Tophy: Let every day count, but face time, the most basic number of gifts)

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Since last year received a woman fan notebook on the women's fan's selection of paper is very good, after all, the market can take into account the pen lover's hand account is really not much, I believe that some readers also like me, in the search for all I want to use the pen can use the hand book. (Notebook shopping here: Women fans attitude writing three notebook groups)

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This 2020 women's book has a special concept - Every Day Counts, on the cover and content design can also see similar to the moon's absence of patterns, I think this is the same as our lives, occasionally happy, and then most of the days are not satisfied; (Buy here:2020 Women Fans Play With Time Handbook)

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Hand account to me is more biased in planning and implementation, I like to book good things in the weekly plan, write down is a solid feeling, but also particularly like to watch the blank days to plan a new itinerary or content, every week the book is very fulfilling, looking forward there will always be a feeling of their own very serious life - no matter how hard the days, put their daily self, are worth it! (Recommended reading: Hand-billed out-of-box, minimalist NanaQ: "A good life is an important thing." ( ) ,

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2020 I hope to be able to find the law of life through the hand account, but also to find every little thing and trip to look forward to the mood, but also to their favorite life, I hope we can find their favorite hand account, accompany themselves through the next serious life of the year.