The New York Times has uncovered more than 400 pages of secret documents inside Xinjiang's "re-education camp" and argued that it was China's most influential detention operation since Mao's time.

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On November 16, 2019, the New York Times exclusively obtained 24, 403-page secret documents from Xinjiang's Reeducation Camp, revealing the origins and details of the re-education camp. The Leaked Files provide an unusual inside story about how The Chinese state's state apparatus carried out one of the most influential detentions since Mao's time, the New York Times reported.

The file includes internal talks between Mr. Xi and other leaders, instructions and reports on controlling the Uighur population in Xinjiang, and how to expand restrictions on Islam in other parts of China.

We are concerned about how the "re-education camps" systematically infiltrate households and tear apart family members. As can be seen, the CCP's aggression against uighurs is the implementation of a top-to-bottom mobilization system. And in an effort to suppress the Uighurs, the Ccp authorities have extended their tentacles to every household. So it's not just a racial violence, human rights and gender issue, it's also about the persecution of the family.

"Where's my family?" Government Directive: Don't give students the opportunity to spread the news

Hong Kong students bought tickets to go home at the end of the semester, hoping to relax after the exam and return to china's remote western region spending the summer with their families. Soon, however, they were told that their parents were not home, that relatives were missing and that their neighbours were missing - all of whom were being held in detention camps, a network of detention camps for the Muslim minority, which was expanding. The New York Times

Since 2017, hundreds of thousands of Uighurs, Kazakhs and other Muslims have been held in detention camps, the company said. They are subjected to months, if not years, indoctrination and interrogation in order to turn them into loyal supporters of the party.

At the same time, however, the government plans to send young Xinjiang nuns to universities across China to train a new generation of Uighur civil servants and teachers loyal to the party. But the government is also concerned that when the scope of social communication becomes wider, "once they make incorrect statements on self-media platforms such as WeChat and Weibo, they will have a wide impact and make it more difficult to eliminate them." 」

In this regard, the file suggests that plainclothes police and experienced local cadres should meet with students as soon as they return to Xinjiang and learn of the situation of their relatives (detained): "To do a good job of humane care and emphasize relevant discipline." 」

And this "meeting" has a corresponding strategy - how to answer students' questions that they might have?

In a file entitled "The Question and Answer Strategy for the Children of Students of the Turpan City Central Education and Training School", when asked "Where are my family?" they should be answered that "they participate in systematic learning in the training colleges set up by the government" and that "they study there and live in a good environment,......, During the tuition is free, eat and live free, and the standard is relatively high,......, even exceeds the standard of living of some students at home" and so on.

If students continue to pursue, the guidelines instruct officials to tell students that their families are not criminals - but for now, they cannot leave the "school." The Government, through the means of information control, starts at home with the intention of shaping a collective lying society.

The exterior wall of Xinjiang Re-education Camp. Photo Credit: Dazhi Images

They say "re-education" is about "cure", but where is my family sick?

So why do my family need to go into those "schools"?

In this series of question-and-answer guides, students continue to detail questions they may have, "because they are affected to varying degrees by religious extremism and violent terrorist ideas,......, if they do what they shouldnot do because of extremist ideas and the "three forces", they will not only harm innocent people. And it hurts them, other family members, relatives, friends, and even you. 」

The file refers to radical Islamic ideas as "toxic tumors" that can easily spread, and thus infects the cancer, meaning it needs to be "treated".

In order to keep everyone safe and happy for their families, they must be allowed to participate in intensive education and learning in the first time. If the ideological "virus" is removed and you are healthy, you will be free.

And officials have been instructed to extend such "treatment" to every family - in a question-and-answer session on "When can my family graduate" - students should be guided to think that "in addition to the discipline they should accept, their families, including you, should abide by the laws and regulations of the state, do not believe in rumors, do not spread rumors, and actively participate in collective activities." "In this way, you can add points to your family, " the file stresses.

The document reveals that the CCP authorities first shaped the terrorist elements of radical Islamic thought as a "virus", but who has the right to define what this "disease" is? And what's wrong with "mind cures"?

We see that from the individual to the home, and then from home back to the individual, they teach students to "believe in the party, silence" before they can save (help) your family. The authorities set up a scoring system that starts with the day-to-day calculations, and your actions, life, and thoughts are closely tied to the fate of your family.

The old city of Kashgar, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, is covered with China's five-star flag. Photo Credit: Dazhi Images

"Family 'missing', don't worry" Communist Party: You should thank the government for taking them away

Faced with the sudden removal of their parents, the authorities envisioned the anxiety and doubts that might be in question and guided them in a gentle way. 'You don't have to worry about missing loved ones at all,' the file says. Because your family is only staying in a "training school" set up by the Government, and they are well cared for in the room.

Then they led the students to think, "I think you'll support them, for their good, but also for your good." If radical Islam is like a virus, there is no harm in preventing its spread.

Finally, they said, you should thank the authorities for taking away your family: "We must cherish this free educational opportunity provided by the Party and the government, completely eliminate false ideas, and learn Chinese and employment skills to lay the foundation for a happy life for your family in the future." 」

Thanks to the party, to remain silent, everything will be well arranged.

But what is the truth of the matter?

"This document provides the most detailed discussion of re-education camps and is the most obvious example of the Chinese Communist Party's strict distinction between internal and external practices, " he said. There is a set of external rhetoric, and the Chinese Communist Party is carrying out a series of harsh instructions internally. As you can see, the key information revealed in this file contains the following:

  • During and after his visit to Xinjiang in April 2014, Xi laid the groundwork for a crackdown through a series of internal speeches to officials. Just weeks before he left for Xinjiang, Uighur militants stabbed more than 150 people at a railway station and killed 31 people. Xi called for a full-scale "anti-terrorist, anti-infiltration and anti-secession" campaign, the use of "dictatorship organs" and "relentlessness."
  • Terrorist attacks overseas and the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan have heightened concerns among China's leadership and affected the crackdown. Chinese officials believe the attacks are a consequence of "overemphasis on human rights over security". Xi urged the Communist Party to emulate some of the U.S. practices in the "war on terror" after the 9/11 attacks.
  • Chen, the new party secretary of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, was particularly active in expanding re-education camps in Xinjiang after taking office in August 2016. To justify the campaign, Chen sent Mr. Xi's remarks to officials, urging them to "get it all in and out."

The secret dossier was leaked by a Chinese politician who asked not to be named, Mr. Newyork said. Through the move, the man said he hoped to prevent the Chinese Communist Party from being blamed for the mass detention.

The Communist Party's string of crackdowns on the Xinjiang autonomous region has also been questioned and resisted by some officials. But one of the officials was being imprisoned for "quietly freeing thousands of people held in detention camps." Chen also continued to purge cadres who were "obstructing his work".

The exterior wall of Xinjiang Re-education Camp. Photo Credit: Dazhi Images

The issue in Xinjiang is like that re-education camp, built up a wall, carried out in secret. Eventually, however, it begins to create cracks - from race and gender to family problems - and, once a clue is found, it will only be followed by more and bigger leaks. This secret document presents the violence between question and answer in an attempt to calm all doubts;

When I came home one day, I found my family suddenly gone. I asked the Government why they could not return home on a regular basis if they were just going to "study"? Can they take time off to stay with me? What if I can't afford to pay my tuition at school? There's no one in the house, there's 10 acres of land in my house that noone's grown, and I don't know when they'll be back.

Like I don't know why they need to leave.

And history will need this answer.