Lin Zhiling married and Little S sent his blessing. We see a friendship that, although we are not at all, we still bless and respect each other.

Marriage this road, inevitably there will be want to shake the fist, you have to remember to say to yourself "Zhi Ling, come on!" (Holding the fist)
- Small S

Lin Zhiling and AKIRA's wedding ceremony ended, in a ceremony review video, we saw Lin Zhiling to find a good friend Cai Kangyong, also invited small S to attend, three people standing on the wedding table, do not change the style of play. Small S picked up the microphone and said, "I have a very special relationship with Zhiling, that we have been having a bad relationship for about 15 years." 」

Fifteen years ago, just in 2004, when Lin Zhiling first came on "Kangxi Is Coming", Cai Kangyong asked her to demonstrate a turn-around step, and she walked away. The little S then imitated, but went dizzy. This walk, also opened the small S rushed Lin Zhiling to the "imaginary enemy road." Lin Zhiling became the least frequent guest in the video scene, but most often mentioned by Little S.

Is this real lying, or is it good enough to make such a joke?

Photo: Little S Xu Xixu Facebook

always talking about you, it's not just the show's effect.

"Did we get together?" Until the wedding, Lin Zhiling asked in Xiao S' ear.

"Of course! Or you could have invited me! Small S responds without thinking.

In the small S heart, she really hates Lin Zhiling, really like to compare with her? All the interactions between them tell us that they are not. When small S in the program constantly take Lin Zhiling and their own comparison, playful lying, in fact, is reflecting the two people's friendship. (Recommended reading: "I've always believed in love" Lin Zhiling and AKIRA: Although we came together very late, there are plenty of good things to be done for the rest of our lives.

Dear friends, I always put you on the lips, in fact, not only the effect of the program, and it is i always clearly know your good, will be in every need to compare, only want to take you as an example.

In the middle of the wedding, Little S also put away the joke mentality, on stage generous praise of Lin Zhiling: "Every time I joke about her, she can respond to me in a very high EQ way, so that the scene is very happy and happy." Perhaps it's really a "bad" for Little S to make such a joke and always witty response to such a friend.

She thought, abominable, and she kept thinking about new tricks against you.

Photo: Little S Xu Xixu Facebook

The road of life in the future, also play together

After the wedding, Xiao S posted several photos of the wedding on Facebook and wrote: "Zhi Ling, to be happy forever!" Enjoy the world of 2 people with Mr. Good, the performing arts circle is not very important! 」

I wish you happiness is sincere, such a good person, how can not be happy; the performing arts circle is not very important and sincere, so lively environment, let me come to face (unique) to (occupy), you enjoy the world of two people.

Even to Lin Zhiling's blessing, finally also want to make a small joke. Small S and Lin Zhiling fight a hilarious friendship, and we all around there is a honey, how similar. (Recommended reading: Know your honey better than you do!) Instead of finding a partner, cherish a group of good friends.

There is a kind of friendship, I understand your humor, you also understand my gentle. There is a friendship, we are clearly very different, but can respect each other and find the right way to get along. There is a friendship, like small S and Lin Zhiling, built on the play and jokes, life is comfortable.