Contemporary dating unit. How boring it would be if there were only a few worldly labels left between you and your lover. Sagittarius-style love, cherishing the moment with you, is the romance that I have exhausted all my energy to maintain.

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This morning in your pillow to wake up, like a dream, last night hot those, burning only the remaining embers, but also beautiful.

For The Archers, it doesn't matter where the embers are blown. I just want to love you when quietly with you. It's a long way to go, embrace to the heavens, watch a movie, sing a song, and do whatever we want. Feel right on the start, who is afraid. (Same-field plus:"Single Diary" love let me become myself, Sagittarius-style love)

We have to be light and comfortable, and go wherever we want to go.

Perhaps Sagittarius never knew what love meant, and never thought about how to define it. They do not make a guarantee for love, those people can imagine, are too ordinary, Sagittarius is not willing to and lovers, only a few worldly labels, that much boring, is not.

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Sagittarius to love, to love at ease, love free.

They don't easily mention the word "forever", they don't give promises, they know that love is difficult, and the oath is too heavy.

Cherishing the moment with you is the romance that I have exhausted all my energy to sustain.

But Sagittarius is not a man who is not worth entrusting. If he loves you, he will love boldly, a little reckless, but very sincere.

I just need me.

Sagittarius knows his feelings and desires, how he likes you, and it has nothing to do with how you treat him. They love you and care for you, but they want you to be yourself.

I like who is who, frank lying, the most is the love shape of Sagittarius.

"I dare to enjoy my loneliness in your heart / My strength and your tenderness there is no conflict / Have you / I am happy / Just like me / Have me / Very satisfied" - I dare to be alone in your arms. Speech: Lin Xi.