Why does holding hands move people? The way you hold hands actually reveals your relationship.

That day, you took my hand. We feel the temperature of each other's palms, touching a small area, but directly to the atrium. (Same Show: Flirting Psychology: Why Does "Head-scratching" make you move? ) )

My palm accidentally remembers the weight of two ticket root / and then can no longer hold / others sent flowers - the body remembers. Xu Peifen.

"Holding hands can take the girl's heart away" perhaps you also have a mouthful of this lyric. Holding hands, seemingly ordinary, is actually a very intimate behavior.

According to psychological research by Psychology Today, holding hands is the most common way to communicate emotions.

As a child, the person holding your hand may be the caregiver of parents, grandparents, etc., for example: take us across the road to avoid danger. Therefore, there is often a close link between holding hands and feeling of security.

"Connecting of the hands is really, as humans, our first line of the inc touch."
"For humans, the link between hand and hand is often the first line of close contact between us and others. 」
- Dr. Joshua Klapow, Ph.D.

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Posture Psychology: Holding hands, Hidden Your Relationship Status

Holding hands is a way of expressing intimacy. And your hand-holding posture, in fact, secretly hinted at the relationship between the two people.

According to psychologist Dr. Joshua Klapow and scientist Vanessa Van Edwards, the following inferences for holding hands are proposed.

Are you curious about your relationship with each other? Come and see!

1. The other party "vigorously" hold your hand

When the other person holds your hand, it can convey his strength, which means a certain degree of control and dominance - perhaps for you, or for the relationship.

2. The other party "small force" hold your hand

Holding hands in this way means that the chemical effects between you are relatively less powerful and a slight sweet interaction.

3. Your fingers touch your fingers

Your hands touch the back of your hands and your fingers lean gently together. This action may seem small, but it is actually a declaration of sovereignty. You may be in an unsuitable situation for bold flirting, so express your love in this way.

4. When you walk, touch slightly, but don't hold your hand

The two of you walkside side by side, hands from time to time, some deliberately but pretend to be nothing to each other, but not really hand in hand. It's usually a hint that you want to have more interaction with the other person.

5. Each other's hands around you

The more you touch, the more you want to be close to each other, research suggests. This kind of hand-holding is not common, often when he wants to express a strong love or talk to you.

6. When you sit together, the other person covers your hands

This gesture, the message is: I care about you. He is more inclined to protect you than to control you.

7. You ten fingers clasped

This position allows you to hold each other completely from the palm of your hand to your fingertips. Show that you two are close and trust each other.

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Hand-in-hand method hundreds of ways, choose to hold hands of you, no matter what kind of relationship, presumably in each other's hearts have weight.

Remember a loved one/remember his hand/once cold/give you a little flame/enough to last / A winter - winter. Xu Peifen.

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