800-word table story, there is no food, will always remind you of a certain memory. That pot is not very delicious spicy soup noodles, but it is the first time to feel that they have the power to take care of people.

Has not been a very love of cooking people, from the past to the present is still.

The biggest reason is that they are very lazy, also feel that cooking is the art of the door, no firm heart really can not hold until the end. Green vegetables one out, go to the end, too hard terrier to be picked, fresh leaves to be left, cut into the size of the can be imported; Knife method also with different cuisine and changes, such as cooking soup to cut pieces, frying to slice, cold mix is to plan the silk, each has a sense of meaning. It's talking out, but I'm always confused about the knife.

I don't love to cook, but for a while I cook hard.

It was in the little five and six, the family is not very rich.

At that time, the family are busy to work, can only take care of each other, sometimes early after class, hungry, eating snacks always feel some emptiness, and reluctant to take not much of the pocket money to buy foreign food, but also can't wait for parents to buy dinner home, my sister and I will dig the refrigerator the day before the leftovers, there is something hot to eat.

I remember once, I shouted something tired of eating, my sister's heart and soul, from the kitchen to grab a handful of noodles, she said sister, we come to cook sour and spicy soup noodles.

So we moved the induction cooker, two people crouched on the ground, with the past to peek at the memory of adults cooking, waiting for the water to roll, open the spicy soup bag to the pot, do not know to burn noodles first, at that time also feel good smart, want to add color for cooking, grab a small handful of green vegetables, wash clean with water, casually peel edgy to the pot, and finally boiled, and finally boiled, The more the soup is cooked thicker, the more the noodles are cooked soft and rotten, as white and fat as the slats float.

We are proud of the heart, can't wait to start, three or two mouthfuls of spicy soup noodles to eat belly, noodles are really bad to eat, after all, are soaked, but then cooked to feel like adults, and also do not care how good and bad, as long as can eat.

There was a time when dad came back early and saw that we had cooked noodles, complimented us and asked us to add him a bowl. My sister and I looked full of sense of accomplishment, and now think of my father too much to eat, but also the whole bowl to finish.

After that, we always love squatting on the ground, stirring the pot, cooking a pot of not very delicious soup noodles, without any kung fu and art, sometimes the water grasp is not clear, taste light;

Grow up, which place does not have delicious spicy soup noodles, also do not need to spend much money, casually into a shop, you can fill the stomach, but also mouth to leave incense.

Only occasionally remember the taste of the pot of spicy soup noodles, just memory, not want to go back, food to me, perhaps a kind of growth, is i have the strength to take care of the people I love.

When I was young, I cooked that pot of spicy soup noodles, delicious, but can't forget, always feel that they grow into adults, can make something, worthy of praise, so unforgettable, but what to say, I do not want to go back to taste that taste.

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