Contemporary dating unit. Rather than committing, we want to record the moment of love, let's go on a date first? Cancer love, very careful, worried about exposing too much self. If you want to love cancer, then come up with sincerity, let him know that this love is special and unique.

(Review:"Dating first okay" If the moment is beautiful enough, you can not have to forever, Pisces-style love)

Lovers often embrace each other's bodies without really owning them. Guillaume

Gibren, Cancer, one of the most loving men in history. Look at his love poems, poetry want to refuse to welcome, want to have it, but also afraid to have too much. Most of the time, Cancer is like this, take the distance of love, test, how can I love you, I do not bear myown.

Many times, Cancer likes to fall in love, but it's too lazy to date.

That lazy, not really lazy. Is a little afraid of the heart - this date, will it not be as good as I watchthe movie at home to play with cats? This date, the other side will not find my unknown side? This date, I want to expose how much of my own, just to take a pinch fit?

Cancer has an expectation of dating, and the way a person chooses to date is somehow a reflection of his understanding and importance to you. People say Cancer needs to feel safe, dating especially, dating is the first step in love and love, you must show sincerity. Security is not a rule- or something that's the same

Security is how much you think about, want to build a safe space for each other, and then, without a trace.

Cancer is actually afraid of boredom, but you must not scare him. Mingming likes to visit the independent bookstore, but partial to him to climb the mountain, why? Even the mountain route is not ready, it is even more annoying, did not design a date, is really not sense, is certainly not enough to understand their own, Cancer will think in the heart, reluctantly strong promise.

Dating is not a test, not a game, dating is I reach out and say, come, I am willing to understand you.

Cancer love is actually very simple, you want to love me, first understand me again. Otherwise your love, for me, what is special, what is it.

This is probably a little bit of hard under the soft shell, tightly unwilling to let go.

"Like a corner of the sun, but i don't like too much.
It's the kindergarten kid, laughter bothers me like sleep.
We waved gently, condensing the wounds of the photos.
I like a corner of the sun, but I can't like it too much.
Like a moment when a person is lonely, but not too much.