Couples late at night, kissing, is always more important than anything else. The tongue kiss four tips, remember to save, carefully collect.

There's always more about the secrets of kissing. Kisses make us feel love, happiness, and want to confirm each other. And today we're going to talk about why people like tongue kisses. (Ex-Tip:"Yeah, you haven't kissed me well for a long time" Couple late at night: Why is kissing more happy than having sex? ) )

Fulvio D'Acquisto, a professor of immunology at the University of Roehampton in the UK, has noted that kissing, like human-owned touch and smell, is an emotionally driven behavior that allows us to identify the most coordinated partners who help reproduce.

When we kiss -- especially through the tongue -- we feel that the tongue and lips, which are full of nerve endings, are soft and blending with each other, and then we have a strong feeling of love. Derived from biology, perhaps this kiss makes you feel how much commitment and tolerance the other person can have.

So, here's the question -- do you know how to have a Good French tongue kiss? The deeper the kiss, the more you need to put in and enjoy it. Today, here are a few tips for doing a good kiss! (Editor's recommendation:"I owe you a great kiss" couple late at night: five kissing tips that make happiness rise rapidly)

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Tip one: Take out the gentleness of your body! The slower the better, the more in a hurry.

You can imagine a tongue kiss as a fierce kiss, but the secret to telling you is that the last thing it needs is impatience or rudeness. In addition to the tongue kiss is a process worth your time tasting, but also because the tongue muscles are strong, so need to be used gently.

So don't just throw the other person down, or push your tongue straight in. It is recommended to start by relaxing your mouth and keeping your lips soft and touching each other's lips. Then slowly, stick out a little tongue. You can imagine playing a tongue-chasing game with your partner for a few seconds to help each other get into the state.

Tip 2: Suck his lips and tongue and add a little force at the right time

Next, you can gently suck each other's lips, then suck his tongue, and slowly add gravity channels. Note that at this time you should be gentle but fast, again and again, to explore his reaction. This behavior will make him begin to feel teasing, and then be willing to do more next with you.

And you should continue to feel the other person's current mood -- it's important. Even with good kissing skills, don't deliberately just want to show yourself. Stop at any time, feel at any time, you know what the other person particularly likes, will have a better experience.

Tip 3: Does the tongue have a position? Switch the action, let him stop

The reason why the tongue kiss is unforgettable is that it is an action that can communicate with each other in depth. Don't let your heads go out, imagine you're dancing in a double dance, and the tongues of the two of you should be supted together. You can take turns in the leadership role, leading another person's tongue to move, stir, try to accelerate from time to time slowly, and from time to time to press the other person out of the air;

Also secretly tell you that when you're passionate, you can try to take your tongue back and bite his lips. This move will make him want to get more out of you.

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Tip 4: The focus is always not just on the tongue, but on triggering more sensitive bands

Tongue kiss feels like fancy skating, with a long time, will not be greasy? Honey, I think that's the point you didn't hold your tongue kiss -- it's best to touch each other's more sensitive belt through wet and deep exploration.

Try to feel, face the person in front of you, you want to express your love for him, where you want to touch him, where you want to kiss him. Don't waste your hands, and all your senses. Touch his hair, neck, or body gently; don't let go of his neck, collarbone, or anywhere he longs to be cared for by you. A tongue kiss is often used as a prequele of sex or an act of excitement in the middle, and imagines it as a tool for conveying passionate language -- whenever you turn on this mode, it's bound to make you all happy -- how tired you can always, and you'll ever want more.

For many long-term relationships, or old wives, your sex life may last, but the frequency of kissing will slowly decrease or even stop. However, a kiss can make the other person feel the language of love, and a kiss can make you feel the beauty of deep interaction. If you've been gone for a long time, if you don't have anything to say occasionally, kiss first! There are your most sensitive and softest love, and the endless desire for intimacy.