Contemporary dating unit. Rather than committing, we want to record the moment of love, let's go on a date first? Scorpio love, from a series of observations began, he likes to observe silently, waiting for the opportunity to move, once the right, will not easily let go.

Falling in love, Falling in love

Deeper than I've felt it before with you, baby

I feel i'm fall in love with all my heart

- Falling In Love and Cigarettes After Sex

The love of Scorpio begins with a series of observations. He likes to observe silently, quietly, and move with the opportunity. Once you see it right, you won't let go easily. Like a scorpion strike, fast and fast. He usually looks at people very accurately, and the next decision is quick, if he hesitates, it is just not enough love.

He's also good at looking around the corner, preferably in the dark little corner that no one notices. Please note that the nest is not to hide, he did not deliberately want to hide who, also did not feel that they need to hide, nature. He enjoys being nestled in a place of peace of mind, using his own worldview to observe the deconstruction and digestion of what he sees, including a little good you.

Scorpio to people have a good feeling, is not too hidden, he does not resist to do the active side, but also can not be always active role. He is not selfless, nor love, he will never be a good mr/Miss, but if let him be willing to say good, you must be important.

Because you are important, he is willing. In other words, he was dismissive.

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His love and love, based on observation and coexistence, he hardly fell in love at first sight. Love for him, like a person to take a rope, the more he observes, the closer he can get to you, and then with your eyes, do their best to embrace, love, pay. (Recommended reading:"Single Diary" unwrong soul love, Scorpio-style love)

All that can be given, he doesn't have any reservations. He would fall in love, to the deepest part of the valley, unable to breathe. This is the most extreme love in his heart, either zero or one, stuck in the middle, how boring.