"82-year-old Jin Zhiying" five classic lines, because too familiar, familiar people think that all this is OK. (Inside the little ray, if you can watch)

After reading "82-year-old Jin Zhiying" , you will feel afraid , because it is all too familiar - ordinary family life, or still feel happy, but always feel trapped, the exit can not find.

Xing xu is in this conflict generation - leaving the tradition of the previous generation, connected with the next generation's ideas, women seem to be able to be more free, live out of themselves, but step forward, only to find that the original transparent shield ingress, there is light ahead, but not touch.

Adapted from the novel, "82-year-old Jin Zhiying", five classic lines of the film, each sentence, let you hear and cry?

People are so one-step lives.

"Girls don't need to read so many books, do they?" 」
"Now a person looks happy, and when you're old you can't find your partner, "

From small to large, women are always asked to be on, clearly very hard but are regarded as useless, the value of women can only rely on the eyes of society. Jin Zhiying's mother ming ming ming is very clever, but in order to give up for his brother to study, and give up to continue to study, to the factory to earn money to support the family. Jin Zhiying also gave up his job to take care of his family.

Although Kim's sister said, "People are all one step back." But women's retreat may never be more than one step.

Photo A photo of "Kim Chi-ying in 82 Years"

Mother-in-law, I want to see my daughter, too.

Every New Year's Day, the traditional requirements of women must follow the husband back home, this should be the day of reunion, Jin Zhiying can not see their mother, no way to take the child back to her mother's home.

Looking at the little aunt can go back to their mother's house, mother-in-law and no intention to let themselves rest, the huge pressure so that Jin Zhiying changed a person, with the mother's tone asked: "You really want others to rest, it should let her go home, mother, I also want to see my daughter." (Extended reading: The daughter-in-law is also the apple of someone else's eye: first to protect oneself, in order to protect the happiness of the family)

You only see me for ten minutes, why comment on me?

Jin Zhiying took advantage of his leisure time, with the children out for a cup of coffee, but was cold-eyed by people on the side, even when Jin Zhiying turned over coffee, sneering that she was a "mombug", the past many times patience of Jin Zhiying, finally chose to turn around and fight back against each other: "I also comment on how you this person?" Why do you bother to hurt others? 」

Korean society describes full-time mothers as "momworms", meaning that doing nothing all day will only cost their husbands money and drain people like blood. As a mother, often feel the social unkindness, or even do not take the value of mother as one thing, but as Jin Zhiying said, the other side also see their own ten minutes, what qualifications to define others?

Photo A photo of "Kim Chi-ying in 82 Years"

Sometimes I feel happy, but sometimes I feel trapped.

"Bypassing this wall, or a wall, I sometimes wonder if there was no exit in the first place?" 」

As a modern woman, there are many moments of comfort, such as being able to pursue dreams, not to be at the mercy of anyone, to be able to boldly pursue their rights and interests, without fear, but many times, we vaguely feel that society has not continued to progress, including the belief that women have an obligation to assume all family responsibilities, pregnant should not return to the workplace, If a woman is not a good mother, the success of the workplace is not used to do too many micro-stoss, let us constantly feel trapped in the maze without export.

Can we expect the moment we get out of the maze? (Extended reading:"82-year-old Jin Zhiying" women grow up very similar: in the little things that are easy to be ignored, slowly lose themselves)

Don't stay quiet, do it anyway.

Jin Zhiying's father want shimamed to find a job waiting to marry, mother listened to very angry, table a pat, to Jin Zhiying have no scruples to do what they want to do: "Don't stay quietly, in any case to do it." 」

Yes, want to do what to do, if there is a wall in front of, then go to the collision, don't wait quietly, find a way to break through the difficulties.

Photo A photo of "Kim Chi-ying in 82 Years"

Five lines of "82-year-old Jin Zhiying", a movie that can take all the family members to watch, to see those who say no, but need to be discussed the truth, look forward to one day, all Jin Zhiying can get what they want.