Taiwan's microfilm will have a new look!Wei-sheng, Even Gaming, Film and Young, Singer-Letter (Su Xinsheng) and Blaze, Huang Lai-jia, The Microfilm at the age of 18, will be at the Donen Film , Courage of 18 years of age > Facebook fans synchronizes the premia.The film was held at the Huashan Optical Cinema in Taipei City yesterday (1/09), before the official broadcast of the film.

The , was directed by Director Wei and directed by the director and directed by Lien Yi, the "letters" of the saxophone, in New York for many years, to pursue a different musical inspiration and return to the idea of returning to the . returning to his homeland, he not only opened the first jazz bar in the area, also served as a guide teacher for the Golden Gate High School Wind Conservatory, which young students the wealth of knowledge and knowledge abroad.The group includes five fresh graduates, including Yi Fan ( Huang Lai-jia "), Zhiwei, Canin, Great Gi, Wisheng, and so on, and the dream of a good university".However, because of the inability to reach the ideal school in mind to study photography and even close themselves, the refusal to be able to do so " refused to be cared for by friends.At this time, the "letter" of a society teacher who was quietly looking aside, and hard it was, could you summon the courage of the youth who had been hiding in the heart of Yi Fan, who was from the heart of the dream?

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expect January 10 at 9:00 p.m. Donson Films and Courage of 18 years old > Facebook Pink

Do you want courage now?womany is not afraid of the cold and the cold, and will tell you the scene of the press conference. Let's listen to the actors and directors on the beautiful scenery of Kinmen, with youth and courage.

18-year-old Courage is directed by the director of the Golden Horse Golden Horse Award, Wei-de, and "Fate's Cosmetic", directed by Gensi Lipke.In addition, the Golden Horse Award for the Golden Horse Awards and the Golden Horse Award for Best New Artie and the New Generation of Actress Huang Jai-chia and the Jinmen County Government and Kinmen and Kinmen plants have been assisted by the Golden Gate County Government and Kinmen. the script was set up at age of 18, the director decided to find out that Kinmen was different from previous production sites, using the features of Kinmen's climate-the wind, as an idea of the whole story, and the courage of the beauty and youth of Kinmen to the audience!In the process of filming Kinmen, what were the interesting things that happened in the crew?

Q. Ask the director, what do you think about filming in Jinmen in the first place?

: In fact, when he was shooting at Sedkbar, he wanted to go to Kinmen.After deciding to film on Kinmen, we began to think of the culture of Kinmen, so we thought of the famous Golden Gate sorghum!What is the impression that people in the Golden Gate have always had a good time to drink?Kinmen's sorghum represents the culture of Kinmen. We hope to find out from sorghum that it is not possible to be subject to age limits, and then combine the courage of the young people of this film.

En Chi: This is the first time I have come to Kinmen to have a profound impact and understanding of Kinmen's culture and beautiful scenery. There are so many beautiful and 15-minute movies that can't be fully represented. But the film definitely contains the beauty of our cash door.

: I really miss Kinmen because I was a soldier in Kinmen.In the course of this shooting, the tranquility of Kinmen and the ease-making process of the performers has enabled me to look for something lost in my life.I hope that everyone will find the courage to follow this film again.

Jia-chia: This time the filming of Kinmen is very fresh, the directors will not restrict us, and give us a lot of space to let us enjoy the entire process of filming in the natural world.

courage in your heart, always 18 years

This time, the < 18-year-old Courage > at the press conference, the touching story, the delicate thinking, and the beautiful scenery of Kinmen, which was different from the past, shocked the audience with a sigh. The director of the film not only directed the film to have more than three hours of film, but also had a 15-minute film on his hand, which was also light and dexterity in his hand, and was able to stimulate the air of the high heights of the sky when he was 18.Even the micro-film, Wei and Lien also worked hard to think about how to make a breakthrough in the visual field, and even dispatched a direct-rise camera to film the vast expansei of Kinmen, which had never been seen before. It was a beautiful sight for . The letter is also specifically directed at < 18-year-old Courage > Rewriting the work "The Day of the Day," with the process of pursuing dreams and courage, and moving everyone's emotions to a moving high!

Gage of 18 movies will be broadcast on television and on the Internet at 9 pm on January 10, with a record of ratings and a lot of reverberation. It is also hoped that through the courage of age of 18, it will convey the meaning of the corrected area and can also inject a heat of blood into the Taiwan cinema.

Don't forget about 9 p.m. on January 10, locking the Donen Films (62) and Pink which is the 18-year-old" courage " to witness courage!