Adapted from the best-selling novel "82-year-old Jin Zhiying", after watching Jin Zhiying, it is difficult to imagine how the mother is in the wind to say that they were forced to give up the dream. (Inside the little ray, if you can watch)

When I looked at Jin Zhiying, born in 82, many moments, the thought is not myself, but my mother.

Photo A photo of "Kim Chi-ying in 82 Years"

The first moment, is Jin Zhiying new Year in the mother-in-law kitchen washing dishes, aunt with children home, see mom and dad, good happiness, the whole family sitting in the living room, the children laugh and play. So I think of my mother also in the kitchen cooking New Year's Eve dinner, across a long corridor, she is at home, but not at home.

That should be the day of family reunion, but the regiment is never the mother's circle.

The second moment, is the young Jin Zhiying lying on the ground, watching her mother fold ingestclothes. Mother laughs and says that she was very smart when she was a child, and her dream is to be a teacher. Jin Zhiying asked, why didn't he become a teacher later? You can be a teacher now. Mother said, when I was a child, in order to let the younger brothers go to study, so to make money, now is to take care of you ah.

Then you suddenly remember, there are many moments, when the mother and grandmother with a proud look to you said: "I was very smart when I was a child, in the class exam are the first place." You always wave and laugh.

Also thought that the joke is a joke, but did not think that behind the joke, is generation after generation, they lost the dream. We in Jin Zhiying, at the same time see a lot of women's shadow: is their own, is the mother, is grandmother, is all the ideal but the reality of the impact of the female shadow.

Photo A photo of "Kim Chi-ying in 82 Years"

A woman gets back, never a step.

It's a little powerless.

Born in 1982, Jin Zhiying, now 37 years old, takes on the freedom of the previous generation and the next generation, standing at the end of the street, at a loss. This is a personality level education has become a necessary era, the company held workshops, tell everyone what is discrimination, what is harassment, what is called respect, male staff in class tired, private taunts say what can be done? Gender equality is the trend now.

In the age of women's rights being valued, Jin Zhiying and a decent man married, the husband will go home early for the child bath, support you out to work, will speak for herself in front of her mother-in-law, okay? Well, you don't feel like you can get any more. It is only occasionally remembered that, because to take care of children can not breathe, for the sake of mother-in-law can not go home to visit his mother, in order to maintain the family and give up the work.

This contradiction is inexplicable, as Kim Zhiying said in the clinic: "Sometimes I feel happy, but sometimes I feel trapped, bypassing the wall to go another way, or a wall, I sometimes wonder if there is no exit in the first place." 」

Photo A photo of "Kim Chi-ying in 82 Years"

"People are one step closer to life. 」

But as women, we have never retreated more than one step, but constantly give back, dare to take more points, that is excessive. This era of Jin Zhiying, is to know that there are some parts of society is not right, such as the workplace in charge of endless discriminatory jokes, after the birth of children to take parental leave is not a man, too dangerous night girls should pay attention to safety, such as women must have to have a home, is it family, or work?

When we found out today that things are no longer right, can you stop asking women to take a step back and the sky?

Mom, I'm angry about my situation, but I'm crying for your sand

After watching "Kim Zhiying born in 82", I kept wondering why I would cry for my mother's situation, which I was angry about as a woman.

So I thought of one of the bridge sections of the movie. Kim and the other moms had afternoon tea, and they talked about their college days. One mother quipped, "I worked so hard at Seoul University to study mathematics, just to teach my child the 99 thud." Another mother laughed at herself: "I read the drama department just to play it for my children." Then play, magic mirror, magic mirror, who is the most beautiful woman in the world?

The picture was so funny, but I couldn't cry.

Photo A photo of "Kim Chi-ying in 82 Years"

When we see girls being sexually harassed on the bus, in the workplace because of their female identity, we feel the same way, angry as if it happened to us, thinking right, it's not fair, women shouldn't be discriminated against or harassed, we have to fight harder. And we believe that equality is the future, the other side has light, can walk must go.

But the mother's once has become a thing of the past, crying because there is no way, decades of light is in the past. We don't even dare to think about how mothers are quietly speaking out about the dreams they were forced to give up.

If the past can no longer make up, then look forward to the next generation, and even the next generation, all jin Zhiying, can really find the exit, no longer for whom to give back, and as a woman of their own pride.

So Jin Zhiying, or Jin Zhiying's children, together with mom and dad, into the theater.