Do you know? In addition to helping us remember, smells can actually have a positive effect on the body. According to Huffpost, there are 10 smells that make people feel happy after they smell!

Have you ever smelled a taste and thought of the experience of something? The taste of a table of hot dishes, always reminiscent of home; For the brain, smell is one of the things that evokes memories. But you know what? In addition to helping us remember, smells can actually have a positive effect on the body. According to Huffpost, there are 10 smells that make people feel happy after they smell!

What flavors can help us make our lives better and happier? Take a look now!


In addition to being able to relax, the smell of lavender may also have the function of "treating insomnia". The next time you pick your fragrance and essential oils, try the reassuring smell of lavender. (Recommended reading: Taichung Travel Proposal: Carousel, Lavender Field, Perfume Lab)

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Love cinnamon you, and a reasonable reason to eat cinnamon! According to a study by the Jesuit University of Welling, people who regularly eat cinnamon have better cognitive abilities, especially in terms of visual motor response, working memory and attention.


A pine forest, let people see on the feeling of healing, in fact, there is a scientific basis. A poll of people who often walk in pine forests at Kyoto University in Japan found that their levels of psychological depression and stress were significantly lower than those of others, and that anxious people had a greater sense of relaxation when they smelled the pine!


Spirits are not good enough to refresh, in addition to a cup of coffee, you can try to eat citrus food. Citrus is rich in vitamin C, and can help boost energy and vitality by simply "smelling" the aroma of citrus, making it one of the super fruits.


Vanilla, seemingly ordinary but in fact extraordinary. In a study in the journal Chemical Senses, it was found that sniffing vanilla beans increased the participants' sense of joy and relaxation. In further emotional studies, it was also found that subjects could gain "happiness" in the process of sniffing vanilla!


Mint usually gives the impression of being cool, but a study at the Jesuit University of Willing in the United States has found that it has an uplifting effect and is also a good tool for working/studying. There are also a few other studies that suggest that the mint smell can even "trick the brain" and improve the nasal congestion.

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Jasmine is not just pleasing to the eye, his smell is also unique with healing function. A U.S. study has found that jasmine aromas, in addition to fragrance, also have a function of relieving anxiety. The stimulating effects of jasmine essential oils can help relieve depression.


"One apple a day, doctors stay away from me" may not be just an advertisement - at least in treating headaches, studies have confirmed that Apple does have its effects. According to Huffpost, past studies have shown that the smell of green apples can significantly reduce pain and suppress anxiety in people with headache symptoms. (Recommended reading: Just want a bite!) 6 New Reasons For Working Women to Love Apple)

Olive oil

As a cooking oil, we all know that olive oil is a healthy choice. But a study by the German Centre for Food Chemistry research found that olive oil is more satisfying after a meal than other fats!

Fresh green grass

Have you ever smelled the fresh green space after weeding? According to odor researchers, the chemicals released by fresh lawns tend to make people happy and relaxed. There's even a fragrance brand that introduces grass-flavored candles so that people without grass in the home can enjoy the aroma of fresh plants!

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